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SEMCON™ Semiconductor Plating Tools

The SEMCON series is Technic's latest design of dependable, wafer metallization tools for the semiconductor industry. Tools perform critical electroplating operations with a high degree of uniformity and repeatability on industry standard and non standard substrates, including Si, GaAs, InP, and other glass-type substrates. Our equipment engineering and chemical process teams work together to provide the optimal SEMCON tool configuration for each specific application.

  • Bump Application
  • LED Application
  • Chip level wafer
  • Photonics Application
  • Pilot Solar Application

  • Tools available for any wet chemistry process, wafer size, and throughput requirement.
  • Turnkey equipment and chemistry from one supplier.
  • Sample wafer plating services at our research and development facility.
  • Custom tools available with automated wafer loading and unloading.
  • Class 10 clean room compatible.
  • Tools constructed to meet all applicable ANSI, OSHA, NEC, CE, UL, SEMI S2-0200, and NFPA codes and guidelines.

Key Features

  • Wafer holder cathode contacts available in multi-point and continuous ring configurations.
  • Wafer holders available for any size or shape including rounds, squares, slivers.
  • Cell and mechanical fixturing design ensures high repeatability.
  • Anode distance and anode/cathode shielding are easily adjustable for optimum plating uniformity.
  • Flexible closed loop regulated impinging or laminar flow rate controls to suit specific application.


  • Low cost design for R&D and low volume applications.
  • Same basic cell and wafer holder design as used on our highly successful SEMCON 1500 and 2000 series.
  • Tool features a single plating cell and dragout rinse cell.
  • Plating and electroforming of wafers or discrete parts, slivers, etc., up to 200mm.
  • Tool is self-contained, constructed of white polypropylene with a clear PVC process cover designed to meet class 1000 clean room specification.
  • Plating cell components include heating temperature control, low level safety device, pump and filter, DC power supply, and wafer holder.

SEMCON 1500 and 2000

  • Modular process cells and chassis construction allow for multiple plating and pretreat/post treat processes.
  • Ergonomic design simplifies operation and maintenance.
  • Slide-out process cells for easy maintenance access.
  • Built-in exhaust control, with sensor and alarm for safe removal of fumes from the processing area.
  • HMI with PLC control from basic single point machine operation to full monitoring, recipe control, and data logging of all process parameters.
  • A few of the available options include pulse and pulse reverse plating power supplies, nitrogen blanketed process cells, special configuration wafer plating fixtures,  and FM-4910 approved construction materials.


Automatic Cassette-to-Cassette Wafer UBM System

System Overview

The SEMCON 4000 is an automatic loading and unloading “wet bench” type wafer Under Bump Metalization tool, designed with processes for Nickel and Gold metalization of silicon and Ga/As wafers with aluminum or copper seed layer. The Semcon 4000 tool is designed with multiple processes, which handle a single cassette of (25) wafers at a time up to 200mm diameter. The tool handles cassettes “dry in” and “dry out”. The wafer cassettes are manually presented and removed to the tool loading / unloading port. Each cassette is loaded into a sliding drawer mechanism to provide a precise location for the automatic hoist to pick up. The hoist picks up a cassette and automatically conveys the cassette through each of the wet processing steps via a servomotor cable driven, X and Z-axis hoist. When the cassette is finished all processes the hoist returns the cassette to the unloading port located at the same end of the tool as the loading port. The unloading port also has a sliding drawer mechanism to allow easy unloading of the cassette from the tool. The tool may be configured with darkened outside inspection panels for light sensitive junction applications.

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Tools are configured with Electroless Nickel metialization tools after 6-8 hours of operation the cell will have to be emptied and stripped to remove trace metallization deposited on processes cell and components. Tools can be supplied with various configurations of manual and automatic stripping systems The tool is a multi section modular chassis design that is totally enclosed, and is designed to meet class 100 clean room specifications. The process cell / tank assemblies are removable for maintenance purposes. The chassis is constructed from white polypropylene and features an integral exhaust plenum, leveling feet and clear or darkened front inspection doors. The process sections of the tool are equipped with bottom containment, which is located directly underneath the processing area. Containment area will hold 125% of all process cell volumes. Plating cells and associated components, and plumbing are constructed from natural PVDF. Each process cell is equipped with an automatic opening cover assembly to provide a controlled processing environment. The tool is configured with all necessary hardware including, servomotor driven hoist / cassette transfer mechanism, travel limit sensors, heaters, temperature controllers, low level safety devices, process pumps, filter housing, wafer cassette agitation mechanisms, wafer carrier racks, and quick dump rinse cell assemblies, and cassette drying cell for processing substrates.


As an option, for maximum tool fire prevention properties, the tool’s modular chassis may be constructed from CP7-D polypropylene to meet FM-4910 material specifications.

Summary of Standard Features

Chassis Design

The Semcon 4000 is designed with multiple integrated module units containing all necessary components & removable process cells.


Modular chassis construction allows placing additional units side by side for future expansion.

Easy Subassembly Maintenance

Pumps, heat exchangers, and supporting components are designed for easy maintenance access.

Substrate Size Flexibility

Process cells can accommodate a variety of cassette sizes and geometries up to 200mm in diameter.

Process & Metalization Cell Production

All process cells are configured to accommodate one wafer cassette with (25) wafers per process.

Vertical Substrate Agitation

The vertical agitation mechanism eliminates the formation of gas bubbles on the surface of the wafers during metallization processes. The vertical stroke is a variable speed motor controlled cam operated lift for smooth agitation to eliminate stress on fragile wafers. Stroke per minute cycles are programmable.

Solution Flow Control

Process pump motors are equipped with a closed loop electronic flow control system using an in-line flow sensor coupled to a VFD pump motor controller. This provides a programmable, constant cell flow value & minimizes air entrapment.

Process Cell Drain Control

Drains are equipped with pneumatically activated valves operated from the HMI touch panel.

Semi Automatic Stripping Process

Provision for on-line or off-line stripping of electroless nickel metallization process cell. Includes all necessary components including a remote electroless nickel solution holding tank, nitric acid holding tank, transfer pump with valving, flexible piping and self closing quick disconnect fittings and stripping process timer.

Automatic Electroless Nickel Controller

Nickel concentration monitoring and metering pump unit used to automatically add electroless nickel makeup component as required. Optional pH control.

Process Cell Covers

Process cells are equipped with automatic opening cover assembly providing a controlled processing environment.

Auxiliary DI Water & N2 Spray Guns

Spray guns are conveniently mounted in process chassis module for cleaning tool deck surfaces.

Automation System & Touch Screen Controls

The Semcon 4000 is equipped with PC based automation system, I/O devices configured for all discrete & analog control functions, and feature a color graphical interface via touch screen HMI.

Remote Troubleshooting

Provisions for remote troubleshooting & program maintenance via dedicated phone line and 56 Kbps modem are provided.

Component Identification

All valves, filters, and drain components will be labeled per their appropriate process.

Cassette Processing End Effector

The transfer hoist is equipped with a dedicated dimension end effector to handle customer specified cassette size.

Flare Type Plumbing Fittings

Used for all process, DI water supplies, and bleed lines where possible.

Tool Installation

Standard installation of the Semcon 4000 is included at no extra cost.

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