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Technic's Lynne Michaelson, Ph.D.
Presents Paper at 13th Annual IWLPC Conference

Technic’s Dr. Lynne Michaelson presented her work with Advanced Gold Electroplating for Semiconductor Devices at the 13th Annual International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference and Exhibition held October 18-19 in San Jose, California. In this, the first installment of our new video series Technic Talk, Lynne sat down with Ron Mello to discuss her findings and tell us about some of the work that has gone into her research. In this, the first of two segments, Lynne discusses Technic's role in meeting the challenges of today's semiconductor manufacturing.
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Technic Releases CU128 - New Versatile Acid Copper for High-Speed PCB Plating

Technic is pleased to announce the release of Technic CU128, a newly developed acid copper plating process for both flexible and rigid PCB applications. CU128 has proven to be especially versatile in high-speed plating operations where it is capable of achieving current densities above 10 ASD (100ASF). CU 128 is specifically formulated to double current productivity without having to invest in new equipment. The CU128 deposit is extremely ductile, passing over 1000 bends and providing over 25% elongation. Technic’s CU128 can be used Learn more

With over 100 installations worldwide, Technic's SBE has revolutionized the small parts plating landscape.

Technic's Spouted Bed Electrode (SBE) is a patented method of electroplating small components such as electronic connectors, pins, chip capacitors and chip resistors. The SBE plating system replaces a 4" x 6" inch barrel with the patented SBE chamber. The load size is from 50 to 500mls and uses significantly less conductive media. The SBE plating chamber's unique design provides for a rapid circulation of the parts over the cathode current feeder without the use Learn more