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Technic is pleased to announce the official opening of the Technology Support Hub portal on our 3 global web sites for North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. With the Technic TSH, registered users will be able to access disparate and extensive resources designed to make our products easier to use and to enable our customers to design better process solutions. The portal is also designed to provide information and resources to allow our technology community to communicate information that is not readily available in other locations. The TSH features interactive calculators, application specific technical process guides, training videos, and support information for our extensive, proprietary product offerings.

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Anthony Guglielmo (1949-2014)

Vice President, Technic Inc.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Anthony Guglielmo, Vice President of Technic Inc. on September 28, 2014 at the age of 64.

Tony had been an employee of Technic for 47 years. He began working for Technic in 1968 at the shipping department in Cranston, Rhode Island. His talents were quickly recognized and he worked his way up to be a salesperson and ultimately Vice President, in charge of Technic Equipment Division. The division moved to its current location in Pawtucket RI in 1982. Under Tony’s leadership, Technic’s capabilities grew from being a manufacturer of simple manual plating lines to more complex automated systems targeted to specific markets in the electronics, printed circuit board and other industries. Technic’s acquisition of Read more

Technic Presents New Tin Whisker Mitigation Findings at 60th Holm Conference in New Orleans

Rob Schetty, Technic’s Vice President of Global Technology Sales and Marketing, will be presenting on the latest research findings in Tin whisker mitigation at the October 13-16 IEEE 60th Holm Conference. The presentation will cover the mechanisms that produce the thin, crystalline, conductive filaments that can emanate from electrodeposited tin coatings, posing electrical reliability concerns, and electroplated matte tin deposits with specific crystal orientations and grain sizes that have been found to be correlated with whisker growth propensity, and provides new findings on tin whisker mitigation techniques. More information

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