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Technic Enters Mexico Distribution Agreement
with Galber S.A. de C.V.

Mexico’s leading surface finishing distributor to offer Technic products

Technic has announced an agreement with Galber S.A. de C.V., for distribution of products to the Mexican Surface Finishing Industry. The agreement will facilitate distribution of select Technic Products throughout Mexico.

Galber is the leading supplier to Mexico’s rapidly expanding surface finishing industry. The company has seven strategically located distribution facilities, fully equipped laboratories, and a 25+ person strong technical sales staff. Galber will stock a select number of Technic processes for industrial, decorative and electronic finishing applications and will support regional customers with ongoing technical service and Learn more

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Techni IM Gold AT6100
A Game Changer for Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold

Technic has announced the release of Techni IM Gold AT6100, representing a paradigm shift in immersion gold plating. In the typical ENIG process, immersion gold is a replacement reaction, whereby Ni is removed or corroded from a substrate and replaced with gold. During this process, complications like black pad or hyper corrosion can occur if the corrosion becomes too aggressive, creating a surface that can be difficult to solder. Technic’s Techni IM Gold AT6100 has a proprietary additive that makes it possible to deposit gold without removal of nickel. Learn more

Technic enters production agreement with Otomec for wire, strip, coil, bar, and tube equipment in the US

Technic Equipment Division has announced an agreement with Otomec of Lecco Italy for the US production of the company’s continuous finishing equipment for metallic wire, strip, coil, bar, and tube.
The agreement will further expand Technic’s well-established reel-to-reel and roll-to-roll global market presence with expanded resources and technologies for the continuous processing industrial finishing industry in the US. Learn more