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Technic Releases Elevate® Cu 2000

High-Speed Acid Copper for Today’s Macropillar Plating Demands

Technic announces the introduction of Elevate® Cu 2000, an innovative, high-speed acid copper plating system specifically formulated for Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging applications.

With the accelerated growth of FOWLP, new demands for packaging materials are being placed on suppliers. The need for copper plated 200-micron macropillars is increasing and the standard acid copper plating baths currently available are unable to provide the speed and performance required.

Technic’s Elevate® Cu 2000 was designed specifically to address these challenging requirements. Elevate® Cu 2000 chemistry can easily plate 4–5

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Technic Expands Semiconductor Specialty Chemical Manufacturing in US

Technic announces the expansion of its semiconductor specialty chemical business with the acquisition of a 35,000 square foot facility in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The new facility is in addition to the three existing semiconductor specialty chemical manufacturing facilities Technic has in France. The Rhode Island facility will be used to meet the growing demand for Technic specialty chemicals in the U.S. semiconductor industry. Technic’s goal is to become the global leader in strippers, etchants, and cleaners for the semiconductor industry, with manufacturing sites in Europe, North America, and Asia. Learn more

Technic Presents at Semicon Taiwan TechXPOT

A presentation titled Current Stripping, Etching, and Cleaning Challenges in Advanced Packaging by Technic’s Technology and Innovation Director, Dr. Jerome Daviot was held at Semicon Taiwan on September 13, 2017.

Dr. Daviot’s presentation addressed the acceleration of advanced packaging developments to meet current semiconductor system requirements and the considerable stress this places on current manufacturing methods. The presentation focused on BEOL and FBEOL residue removal, photoresist stripping, and metal etching, and the new classes of specialty chemical processes that will be required to address the smaller dimensions and complexity in semiconductor manufacturing.

The presentation went on to cover semiconductor advances in specific areas of compatibility, selectivity, full dissolution of photoresists (P/R), and reductions in overall CoO to Learn more