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Technic is pleased to announce the official opening of the Technology Support Hub portal on our 3 global web sites for North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. With the Technic TSH, registered users will be able to access disparate and extensive resources designed to make our products easier to use and to enable our customers to design better process solutions. The portal is also designed to provide information and resources to allow our technology community to communicate information that is not readily available in other locations. The TSH features interactive calculators, application specific technical process guides, training videos, and support information for our extensive, proprietary product offerings.

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Technic Announces the Release of TechniStrip NF52

Technic has announced the release of TechniStrip NF52, a photoresist stripper for TSV, copper pillar and other advanced packaging applications. TechniStrip NF52 operates as a negative tone photoresist remover, specifically formulated for use with laminated and liquid photoresist.

TechniStrip NF52 provides full dissolution of most photoresist without the use of harmful products such as NMP and Hydroxylamine. TechniStrip NF52 successfully performs without any negative impact to the copper surface, preserving critical fine features that would otherwise be negatively impacted by photoresist strippers that can etch into fine surface details. More information

Ceramistan 1031 Released - Semi-Bright Pure Tin Plating Solution for Sensitive Ceramic Components

Technic has announced the release of Ceramistan 1031, a pure tin electrolytic plating bath specially formulated for use with sensitive ceramic components. The Ceramistan 1031 process produces a dense small grain deposit that provides excellent solderability, even after parts have been exposed to extended steam age testing. In addition,

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