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Technic Releases TechniPad 7611

New high-performance pure palladium for TechniPad ENEPIG offers a consistent deposit with less maintenance

Technic has announced the release of TechniPad 7611, an electroless process that deposits pure Palladium on Electroless Nickel. TechniPad 7611 contains a proprietary reducing agent resulting in a highly stable process that operates well in a wide range of loading conditions while meeting specific thickness requirements.

TechniPad 7611 requires less tank maintenance than the leading competitor and has demonstrated a consistent deposit thickness in both high-volume and prototype production.

To the assembler or OEM performing wire bonding, touch contacts, or soldered connections, the reliability of Technic’s TechniPad 7611 pure Pd deposit means a more consistent assembly and dependable electrical performance. Learn more

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Technic to present findings on Boric Acid-Free, Light Induced Nickel Plating at IEEE-PVSC Conference

Technic will present Light Induced Plating of Silicon Solar Cells Using Boric Acid-Free Nickel Chemistry at the annual IEEE-Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) held in Washington DC on June 25-30. Together with the research team at Arizona State University, Technic will present data on solar cells fabricated with its novel boric acid-free nickel plating chemistry. This new chemistry offers advantages in performance, cost, and manufacturability compared to the present state of the art. Nickel can now be plated without the use of external rectification and results in a low-stress deposit shown to be an effective barrier to copper diffusion. Solar cells plated with this boric acid-free nickel bath demonstrate good adhesion and reliable performance. The next generation of high-efficiency solar cells will require very low contact resistance and high metal conductivity. The results presented demonstrate that these new plated contacts exceed the capabilities of silver paste contacts for these key figures of merit. Go to IEEE-PVSC Conference website

Technic wraps up busy SUR/FIN 2017 in Atlanta GA

Congratulations to the NASF, the Georgia World Congress Center and the City of Atlanta for their excellent job in hosting this year’s SUR/FIN. We look forward to working with all our new contacts as well as our dedicated customers in the year ahead. See you all again in Cleveland at SUR/FIN 2018! Learn more