Welcome to Technic's Applications Landing Page

In this section, we have organized key products by end use market to help you gain a better understanding of Technic's full line of Chemistry, Equipment, Analytical Controls and industry related resources. Technic is extremely active in ongoing research, strategic partnerships, and the development of differentiated, enabling technologies in order to support our customers’ efforts to achieve competitive excellence. Check these pages frequently for the latest advancements in:


Process chemistry, specialized equipment and proprietary process controls for a complete process approach.


A full range of products from cleaning, etching and electroplating to equipment for anodizing, chromating and phosphating.


Offering the highest quality decorative electroplating products, equipment and service for over 60 years.


Chemistry and equipment for the most advanced rigid, rigid flex & flexible printed circuits.


Advanced proprietary solutions and patented equipment for electronic components, leadframes and connectors.


Obtaining higher solar efficiencies and lower production costs through advanced metallization techniques.


Providing advanced solutions to medical device manufacturing.