Electroplating Bath Analyzer - Technic EBA

Electroplating Bath Analyzer - Technic EBA

Technic’s EBA (Electroplating Bath Analyzer) provides an easy to implement, accurate and trouble-free analysis of your electroplating solutions. The EBA utilizes a patented combination of processing technique, software and hardware to obtain greater consistency and accuracy in analytical results while saving time and resources.

EBA Advantages

  • Precisely measures concentrations of organic additives
  • Reduced sample preparation and analytical time
  • Modular/Bench-Top configuration
  • Customized analysis available
  • Global tech support and expertise

EBA Method

  • Presents a precise analysis specific for each component
  • Typically utilizes only a single sample for all organic & most inorganic constituents
  • Requires no additions during typical analysis

Technic’s EBA is the only commercially available instrument that employs the combination of AC and DC voltammetry in a chemometric approach.

  • By utilizing both AC & DC voltammetry, a tremendous number of potential parameters become available that can be controlled to identify and precisely measure specific organic and inorganic levels in electroplating solutions.
  • Chemometrics is a chemical discipline that uses mathematics, statistics and formal logic to select optimal experimental procedures for precise data selection. Chemometrics extracts only the most significant information thereby eliminating interferences and matrix effects that can otherwise skew results.

EBA Hardware

The basic EBA unit consists of:

  • Peristaltic pump for sample flow
  • Probe where the sample is electrolyzed
  • EBA processor that controls & measures the electrochemical reaction
  • CPU to report and track the results in easy to read tables & charts

The EBA probe has no moving or consumable parts which virtually eliminates the excessive probe maintenance required by competitive instruments. The patented design creates a clean reproducible working electrode for each measurement. This improves analytical consistency, reduces maintenance, and eliminates down time as well as costs due to worn electrodes.


EBA Software

  • Clear, easy to use program
  • Reduced analytical cost
  • Consistent and reliable results

By utilizing a simple point & click program the EBA presents a complete readout of current conditions of the electroplating bath. The EBA software also stores and produces reports on each analysis.