Mazerustar Planetary Mixer

Mazerustar® planetary mixers provide fast and thorough mixing and deaeration simultaneously.

  • Conductive/resistance materials such as gold, silver, copper and carbon paste
  • Sealing/insulation materials such as glass and ceramic paste
  • Seal/glue materials such as epoxy resin
  • Molding materials such as silicone resin
  • Mixtures of various color materials such as ink, paint and pigments
  • Production of dentistry, medical/pharmaceutical or cosmetic base materials
  • Abrasion of precision parts

Mazerustar® demonstration videos

See for yourself how Mazerustar 's power and versiltilty enable fast and complete processing of a wide variety of compounds

Video #1 - Mixing High Viscosity Components

Video #2 - Mixing Dry Powders

Video #3 - Mixing two dissimilar liquids

Video #4 - Mixing Silver Paste

Video #5 - Mixing Conductive Adhesive

The Mazerustar® is particularly useful for the following materials and processing purposes:

High-viscosity liquids, which were impossible to mix, or which required long processing times by conventional mixing machines or deaeration devices Mixing two or more kinds of liquids which are widely different from each other in their characteristics or specific gravities Mixing liquids and powders (filler), which need to be evenly mixed even if the two kinds of materials are widely different from each other in their characteristics or specific gravities.

High value added materials that need to be processed without influence of containment (contaminants) and require processing with minimal waste Work processes that may benefit from reduced time and labor by minimizing processing and device or container clean-up.

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Mazerustar Planetary Mixers

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