Semiconductor Electroplating Copper


Innovative Copper Plating Solutions for Advanced Packaging Applications

As the industry moves to more advanced packaging structures, the use of copper plating has continued to grow. Along with this growth, the requirements on the copper plating solutions and deposit have become more demanding. Technic’s Elevate® Copper products are formulated to meet these demanding requirements such as high-speed plating, excellent coplanarity, and very low deposit roughness.

From very tight RDL patterns with 2 micron spaces to 200 micron tall copper pillars the Elevate® Copper processes can be adjusted to offer optimum results on a variety of semiconductor packaging platforms. Including FOWLP (Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging), Fan-In WLP, Flip Chip and 2.5D/3D.

All Elevate® Copper processes can be monitored with our industry leading RTA in-line controller. In addition, Technic offers unparalleled customer service that has made Technic a respected resource for quality around the globe.

Elevate® Cu 6370

High-speed copper plating bath able to achieve very fast plating rates on a variety of semiconductor applications while maintaining good WIW and WID coplanarity. 4 microns/minute can be attained on bump on passivation, bump on pad and other advanced packaging structures. Electrolyte can be modified to offer optimum performance on tight RDL features. Produces bright deposit and is fully analyzable with Technic’s Real Time Analyzer (RTA).

SEM - (Left) 25-micron diameter pillars, (Right) 50-micron pillar, both plated with Elevate® Cu 6370 View Detail

RDL pattern with 10-micron lines and 2-micron spaces plated with Elevate® Cu 6370 View Detail

Elevate® Cu 6340

A low-stress copper bath that can be used for any application that requires a low-stress deposit such as a glass substrate. Plates at 1 – 2 microns/minute with virtually no internal stress.

Glass substrate plated with Elevate® Cu 6340 then capped with electroless nickel and immersion gold. View Detail