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Precious Metals

Technic originated as a supplier of precious metals to the jewelry industry in the 1940’s. In the 1950’s Technic expanded their precious metal expertise to the electronics industry. Today Technic is the one of the leading suppliers of precious metal specialty chemistry to the electronics industry. Technic’s noncyanide gold processes are the most widely used for semiconductor applications. Our sulfite gold processes not only provide a gold bath that is free of cyanide they are also free of harmful additives such as thallium and arsenic. In addition we continue to provide cyanide gold processes for advanced gold bumping and other technologies.

Elevate® Gold 7990

Electrolytic sulfite gold process that produces pure, soft gold deposits. Operates at an acidic pH, making it compatible with almost all photoresists. Elevate Gold 7990 produces a bright deposit without the use of harmful grain refiners like thallium and arsenic. Provides excellent coplanarity and step coverage.

3 - 5x more gold in the vias with Elevate® Gold 7990, compared to a leading competitor. View Detail

(Left) Rough deposit from standard sulfite gold bath.
(Right) Smooth deposit from Elevate® Gold 7990. View Detail

Elevate® Gold 7934

A cyanide based electrolytic gold plating process that produces a deposit that exhibits excellent functional performance such as wire bonding and solderability from a very stable and simple to operate solution.

Features plated with Elevate® Gold 7934. View Detail

Elevate® AuSn 8020

Gold-tin alloy plating process that produces alloy ranges from 75 – 82% gold content with a corresponding melting point of 280°C – 320°C. Optimum gold-tin alloys are produced from a one-step, single bath process.

(Left) Before Reflow
(Right) After Reflow at 310°C View Detail

Elevate® Platinum 7810

Mildly acidic platinum plating solution formulated for a variety of semiconductor applications including MEMS and fuel cells. The solution is particularly suitable for obtaining heavy deposits.