Technic CPS - Vertical Copper Plating System

Technic’s CPS System offers manufacturers a combination of highly specialized chemistry, advanced engineered equipment and proprietary controls designed to meet the increasing demands of copper plating on thin substrates. Technic’s CPS System provides the widest window possible for highest first pass yields with the lowest operating cost.

      • Specialized Chemistry

      • Advanced Equipment

      • Proprietary Process Control

Technic CU128

Technic CU128 provides better throwing power with higher current density when compared to competitive processes. It is chemistry unique to Technic that provides superior control of grain structure and suppression of plating deposit in HCD areas. This translates into no burning, excellent distribution, and unsurpassed throwing power with DC current. To the fabricator, this means higher through put and easier process control.

Technic MP200

Technic's MP200 is a vertical plater that solves the problems with transport of thin materials in either roll or sheet form. It’s no touch transport stops handling defects from occurring and production proven cell design yields unsurpassed plating distribution.

Technic EBA

Technic's EBA, unlike other control methods, it utilizes both DC & AC voltammetry for precise analysis of plating additives. Technic EBA provides precise measurements with real time data with SPC controllability. It is a fully automated system with a self-contained probe that eliminates maintenance and reduces technician’s time.