Techni IM Gold AT8000

Techni IM Gold AT8000

Non-Cyanide Immersion Gold

Techni IM Gold AT8000 is a cyanide free immersion gold bath utilizing a proprietary gold complex. Beyond health and safety benefits of implementing a non-cyanide gold process, Techni IM Gold AT8000 has proven to offer significant technical advantages as well as cost savings.

Typically, immersion gold chemistry utilizing potassium gold cyanide operates at a pH below 5, which produces an aggressive reaction at the electroless nickel surface. This exchange results in a build-up of corrosion products commonly referred to as black pad. Technic's Techni IM Gold AT8000 provides distinct advantages by not only being cyanide free, but by also providing a controlled gold deposit that is corrosion free, thus producing a significantly improved solder spread (shown below).

    AT8000 Advantages:

    Exceptional Solderability
    • Elimination of Corrosion Products
    • Controlled Plating Deposit
    • No Porosity

    Reduced Gold Usage
    • 1-2 Microinches AT8000 equivalent to 3 microinches of PGC Based Processes
    • More Uniform Plating Thickness

    Eliminates ENIG discoloration of white solder mask

    Green Product
    • Cyanide Free

Elimination of Corrosion

Techni IM Gold AT8000 is a true self-limiting immersion plating solution. It produces a pore free deposit that virtually stops plating once the electroless nickel is covered. By operating at a slightly alkaline pH, the exchange rate between Au and Ni is controlled, resulting in consistent thickness across the entire electroless Ni surface. Even with a 30 minute plating time there are no corrosion products produced at the electroless nickel surface (see images below).

The first two image above show the Technic's AT8000 process as plated and after Au Strip. The third image represents the typical competitor's process after gold strip.

Controlled Plating Deposit: The plating rate of the Techni IM Gold AT8000 is slower than typical PGC based immersion gold processes. As shown in Chart 1, the plating rate of the AT8000 decreases faster, indicating complete coverage of the electroless nickel. The Techni IM Gold AT8000 process completely covers the nickel, providing better protection and less chance for any passivation of the metal.

Thickness variations from small to large pads in immersion gold applications are not uncommon, but with the controlled deposition rate of Techni IM Gold AT8000, thickness variation are reduced. A typical plating time of 15 minutes will produce approximately 2 microinches on a large heat sink and less than 2.5 microinches on small pads for passive components or fine pitch BGAs. This provides better uniformity in gold thickness across the PCB surface leading to:

  • Uniform solderability across all pads sizes
  • Gold savings by eliminating waste due to a large range in gold thickness

No Discoloration of White Solder Mask

Technic has conducted extensive testing to isolate and eliminate the cause of this issue. Findings reveal that a pink discoloration occurs only on parts that have been processed through immersion gold. Technic’s research has concluded that compounds used in the typical immersion gold formula react with the titanium oxide used in the solder mask pigmentation. At standard reflow temperatures, this reaction creates titanium compounds that are red or pink in color thereby causing the discoloration. Techni IM Gold AT8000 eliminates the compounds that react with the titanium, leaving a bright white solder mask after SMT reflow.

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