Technic's Leveltech is an immersion tin process with a metallic additive which helps promote solderability and inhibit whisker growth associated with pure tin deposits. Leveltech can be used in either immersion or flood conveyor applications but cannot be sprayed. Care should be taken when specifying flood systems and conveyorized equipment to ensure minimum agitation of solution and correct construction materials used. Leveltech is a direct alternative to HASL and ENIG; it deposits a thickness of between 0.7 and 1 micron of planar tin. The deposit is ideal for subsequent soldering and will withstand up to three thermal cycles.

The unique metallic additive helps to product a dense, fine crystalline deposit and reduces the possibility of whiskering. Leveltech can be fully controlled by standard analysis techniques and replenishments made to control the bath. Leveltech is the ideal process for surface mount and press fit applications.

Leveltech offers the following benefits for the user:

  • Consistent, uniform coating thickness
  • Extended storage, up to 12 months
  • Multiple thermal exposures without decreased solderability
  • Compatible with commonly used fluxes including no-cleans
  • Short process cycle
  • Ideal for press fit connections
  • Economical to use

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