(ENIG) Electroless Nickel - Immersion Gold and
(ENEPIG) Electroless Nickel - Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold

Both the TechniPad ENIG and ENEPIG processes are formulated to provide substantial cost savings while producing a higher quality product. The TechniPad process is the next generation solution from its ground-breaking electroless nickel formula Technic EN AT5600 through its cyanide free immersion gold Technic IM Gold AT8000 providing:

      • Highest Fabrication & Assembly Yields
      • Reduced Precious Metal Usage
      • Reduced Waste Generation
      • World Class Solderability
      • Lowest Operating Cost

The TechniPad System has been fully characterized and optimized for printed circuit board production to guard against common defects associated with ENIG, such as nickel foot, skip plate and black pad. This optimization is a result of worldwide field experiences with the TechniPad chemistry. Developed with a system approach, the individual process steps of the TechniPad ENIG System are controlled to give consistent deposit characteristics. The entire system is designed to ensure maximize efficiency and cost savings from cleaning and activation through electroless nickel, electroless palladium, and immersion gold processes.


    Techni X-Cell 318

    An acid cleaner specifically designed to wet copper surfaces and remove oxides from previous process steps is extremely important when processing product with blind vias and tight tolerances.

    TechniClean TH1020

    A specialty cleaner that stops electroless nickel from depositing in non-plated through holes (NPTH). When electroless copper is utilized for metallization it can leave Pd activator residues behind in NPTH. When processed through ENIG, this Pd residue can plate with electroless nickel. TechniClean TH1020 passivates the Pd residue, stopping the electroless nickel from depositing. This unique chemistry will improve wetting of fine features, remove oxides as well as finger prints and light oils, and provide excellent rinseability and a longer bath life.


    TechniCatalyst AT4608

    A sulfate based chemistry that utilizes a proprietary palladium complex to create a precision catalyst for selective plating of electroless nickel on copper traces and pads. The palladium complex controls the exchange reaction of Pd for Cu during catalyzation and improves the stability of palladium in the solution. When compared to current palladium activators, TechniCatalyst AT4608 provides a wider process window for fine spaces, eliminates deposition on porous materials like Teflon or polyimide, and reduces cost through longer bath life and lower palladium consumption.

Electroless Nickel

    Technic EN AT5600

    Technic EN AT5600 is the first electroless nickel with a new family of organic stabilizer that produces lateral nickel growth on copper. Lateral growth yields a flatter surface with less pronounced grain boundaries instead of the typical nodular, “cauliflower-like” structure from older formulas. This is important because the grain boundaries are where corrosion products initiate and under worst case conditions become black pad. These corrosion products make soldering more difficult and can cause wetting and adhesion problems in assembly. By providing a flatter surface, TechniPad with the Technic EN AT5600 is the only process that provides a substantially better Ni surface for soldering to.

Electroless Palladium

    TechniPad 7611

    An extremely stable process engineered to deposit pure palladium over electroless nickel. It will consistently produce a wide range of thickness required by wire bonding, touch and or slide contacts. The deposit improves protection for high corrosive environments such as deep well or under hood. It produces a solderable deposit but requires a top coat of 1-2 micro-inches of immersion gold.

Immersion Gold

    Techni IM Gold AT6100

    A cyanide immersion gold process operating on a completely novel mechanism of gold reduction in the presence of nickel and Techni IM Gold AT6100 additive. During this reaction Ni is not removed from the substrate. This eliminates all of the corrosion associated with black pad and hyper corrosion found in a typical cyanide based immersion gold process. The additive is not a traditional reducing agent as the reaction stops once the Ni is coated creating a pore free deposit. In production this translates to improved solderability and reduced gold usage.

    Techni IM Gold AT8000

    A cyanide free immersion gold bath utilizing a proprietary gold complex. Beyond the health and safety benefits of implementing a non-cyanide gold process, Techni IM Gold AT8000 has proven to offer significant technical advantages as well as cost savings.

    Typically, immersion gold chemistry utilizing potassium gold cyanide operates at a pH below 5, which produces an aggressive reaction at the electroless nickel surface. This exchange results in a build-up of corrosion products commonly referred to as black pad. Technic's Techni IM Gold AT8000 provides distinct advantages by not only being cyanide-free but by also providing a controlled gold deposit that is corrosion free, thus producing a significantly improved solder spread.

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