Techni IM Gold AT6100

Techni IM Gold AT6100

A paradigm shift in Immersion Gold Plating

Techni IM Gold AT6100 is a cyanide based immersion gold that deposits pore free gold without removing Ni. The Techni IM Gold AT6100 utilizes a proprietary electron donor that will only become active in the presence of a base metal like nickel. This is called substrate catalyzed gold reduction and results in gold deposition without the removal or corrosion of Ni.

The result is no corrosion of the nickel and a pore-free deposit. This means improved solderability because corrosion products/black pad are eliminated and the Ni is better protected because the immersion gold is pore-free.

    Typical PGC Based Im Au

      • @ 0.3 g/l Au 8 min
      • 2 micro inch target thickness
      • Au stripped & SEM @ 1000 & 2500X
      • Some corrosion along grain boundaries

      Techni IM Gold AT6100

      • @ 0.3 g/l Au 10 min
      • 2 micro inch target thickness
      • u stripped & SEM @ 1000 & 2000X
      • No corrosion along grain boundaries

Improved solderability can easily be seen in the wetting balance results below on samples that have gone through 3 Pb-free reflows and a 2 hour bake at 150C. While the typical immersion gold will pass, there is an obvious improvement is solderability even with low gold thickness.

Besides improved quality, this revolutionary chemistry will also reduce gold usage by as much as 30%. This is possible as bath life is longer as Ni does not build up in the plating bath and thickness distribution is much tighter due to the self-limiting reaction.

A study was performed comparing gold distribution of the Technic IM Gold AT6100 to a typical PGC based immersion gold by evaluating impact of gold concentration and operating temperature. An average of 2 micro inches was targeted and the standard deviation was calculated for each condition. The plot of the standard deviations are shown below.

Standard Deviation Across Pad Sizes of 2 Micron Inch Au Thickness

By using the standard deviation and a 2 sigma limit, the average for the AT6100 is adjusted to 2.3 micro inches to meet a 2 micro inch minimum. The typical immersion gold process with a much higher standard deviation would have to plate to an average of 3.1 which is 25% more gold. For a high volume PCB fabricator producing 80K sq M/month, this would result in close to $400K in savings.

80K SqM/M Annual Au Cost Savings

AT6100 vs. Typical PGC Based Au

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