Technibrite HT 1000 - Bright Acid Tin for Rack and Barrel Plating

Technibrite HT 1000

New Bright Acid Tin Process for Rack and Barrel Plating

Based on an inexpensive sulfuric acid electrolyte, the Technibrite HT 1000 Tin process has an exceptional low current density bright range, even when the plating bath temperature and tin concentration parameters are higher than normal. The process can run without a chiller, and will produce a bright deposit at low current densities at process temperatures as high as 35˚C, and with tin concentrations as high as 40 g/l. Cathode efficiencies of up to 90% are achievable with the process, compared to traditional bright acid tin process efficiencies of only 60 to 70%. Cycle times can be significantly reduced with the new HT 1000 tin process, increasing the productivity of the plating line.

Technibrite HT 1000 will improve the appearance and performance of bright acid tin plated parts, especially parts with complex geometries that often will show dull deposits in low current density areas. The Technibrite HT 1000 process is NPE free and fully RoHS compliant.

TechniBrite HT 1000 is a sulfate-based tin electroplating process which produces mirror bright deposits. The process is designed for use in rack and barrel plating applications. The process operates over a wide current density range resulting in increased output and flexibility in production. TechniBrite HT 1000 produces brilliant deposits. In addition, the process is free of nonyl phenol ethoxylates (NPE) and exhibits good throwing power and distribution characteristics while plating at a high cathode efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Uniform deposits over a wide current density range
  • A mirror bright Tin deposit
  • An NPE free process
  • Excellent throwing power
  • Good solderability
  • Improved low current density brightness without cooling, even with increased tin concentration
  • Easy to maintain and control with a fully analyzable additive system
  • High cathode efficiency

Deposit Characteristics