Goldeneye Chemistry

With the price of gold at record levels, costs associated with gold electroplating on electronic components have come under ever increasing scrutiny. Can thicknesses be reduced, or be made less costly by substituting gold without sacrificing quality or production speed?

Technic’s Goldeneye technology is an exclusive line of advanced electroplating processes designed to improve functionality and performance of precious metal deposits in electronic connector plating applications.

Goldeneye Key Features:

  • Ease of use
  • Enhanced performance
  • Significant savings in gold consumption
  • Reduced operating costs and waste treatment

Goldeneye Barrier Layer System

Goldeneye Barrier Layer is an advanced barrier layer electroplating system specifically engineered to significantly improve corrosion resistance vs. standard nickel sulfamate or sulfate solutions in connector plating applications. Goldeneye Nickel is the backbone of the system. Goldeneye Nickel enables the deposition of application-specific barrier layer options from a single process chemistry to enhance corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and other deposit properties.

Products include: Goldeneye Nickel, Goldeneye Nickel ORC, Goldeneye Level Nickel


Techni NiPhos 611

Enables deposition of nickel-phosphorous (NiP) alloys containing 6-11% P, at high current densities. Integral part of the Goldeneye Barrier Layer system to enhance corrosion resistance.

Techni Gold 800 and Techni Gold 900

Breakthrough nickel/cobalt-hardened high speed gold plating chemistries designed to minimize porosity. Intended for use over the Goldeneye Barrier Layer System. Minimal voids observed by FIB/SEM cross-section.


Auroguard NP-12

Non-aqueous post-treatment sealant process which enhances gold deposit functionality, including unsurpassed corrosion performance and significantly improved wear resistance. The Auroguard NP-12 coating is thermally stable, and the process chemistry is non-flammable and halogen-free.