Electronic Components

Electronic Components

Technic Cut Strip Plater

Technic offers a wide selection of electroplating and ancillary products for a variety of electronic component applications, particularly cut-strip plating of integrated circuit (IC) components in Technic’s automated electroplating equipment.

Pre-treatment Processes

Technic offers a full-range of pre-treatment proceses for electronic component manufacturers, all designed to work in harmony with Technic’s automated cut-strip plating equipment

Techni Electro Deflash #4 / Techni Electro Deflash PL
Technic’s conventional electrolytic deflash products for removing mold flash and resin from IC components prior to subsequent electroplating operations. Techni Electro Deflash #4 operates at elevated pH levels while Techni Electro Deflash PL is near-neutral.

Techni Chemical Deflash 38
Technic’s newly developed chemical deflash chemistry which operates in immersion mode followed by water jet for removal of mold flash and resin bleed from semiconductor packages sensitive to mold compound delamination issues.

Techni ACT 9600 / Techni ACT 5800
Acidic descaling processes for removing oxides and heat scale from base material substrates prior to subsequent electroplating applications.

Tin & Tin Alloy Electroplating Processes

Techni NF JM6000
Techni NF JM 6000 is designed specifically for high and medium speed electrodeposition of matte tin, 90/10 and 60/40 tin/lead alloys in electronic plating applications, such as connectors and components. The deposit has a uniform appearance over a wide current density range and is readily reflowed or soldered. Pure tin deposits from Techni NF JM 6000 are whisker-resistant and satisfy all requirements of JEDEC JESD201A.

Technistan EP
Technistan EP is a high speed, pure tin whisker resistant plating process based on Technic’s proprietary and patented mixed acid technology. The process produces a fine-grained matte tin deposit with superior solderability and tin whisker performance, which satisfies all requirements of JEDEC JESD 201A.

Post-Treatment Processes

Technic PST Neutralizer
An alkaline post-treatment process that effectively neutralizes acid films from plating process residues.

Tarniban C48
Tarniban C48 forms a thin, benign, transparent film on tin and tin alloy deposits and effectively protects them during exposure to high temperature / high humidity environments. Tarniban C48 minimizes deposit discoloration during storage and provides improvements in solderability performance after steam age pre-conditioning. Tarniban C48 also minimizes corrosion-induced tin whisker growth caused by high temperature/humidity exposure. Can also be used as a rinse-aid. For optimal results, Tarniban C48 should be used in full immersion mode in combination with Technic PST.

Tarniban C50
Tarniban C50 offers similar benefits as the Tarniban C48 with added protection from extreme dry heat exposure (e.g., reflow).

Techni Neutralizer E260
A post-treatment process offering maximum protection of tin deposits from discoloration in extreme dry heat thermal exposure conditions (e.g., reflow).

Belt Stripping Processes

Techni Strip ELBS
This process is specifically designed for efficient stripping of tin, tin-lead and/or nickel deposits from stainless steel belt and fingers of automated cut-strip plating equipment.

Techni M-16 Tin-Lead Stripper
A low sludge, low cost stripper based on nitric acid. High stripping rate (0.33-0.83 µm/second) with a high loading capacity for long solution life.

Passive Component Electroplating Processes

Ceramistan 1031
The Ceramistan 1031 process produces a dense small grain deposit that provides excellent solderability, even after parts have been exposed to extended steam age testing. In addition, deposits from Ceramistan 1031 can significantly reduce or completely eliminate spattering during reflow, a problem that often occurs with a standard tin bath.

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Ceramistan BR
The CeramiStan BR process is a semi-bright pure tin plating solution specifically formulated for electroplating sensitive ceramic components, including low fired ceramic materials. It operates at an elevated pH range (4.0 to 5.0) and is based on a unique electrolyte that minimizes or eliminates degradation of the ceramic substrate during plating. The bath is specifically formulated to suppress agglomeration of small parts during electroplating and is suitable for use with Technic’s SBE Plater and conventional barrel plating equipment. Suitable for pure tin applications only.

Ceramistan DM
Ceramistan DM is a near-neutral pH matte tin or tin/lead plating process for standard chip capacitor/chip resistor barrel plating and/or SBE applications.