MP100 Continuous PCB Wet Process Equipment

Technic has long been pioneer in the ongoing development of printed circuit board wet processing equipment and chemistry. Our ongoing commitment to application research and in-house product development has enabled us to continuously offer our customers the most advanced technology available for both chemistry and equipment.


  • Base and precious metals plating
  • Copper flash plate, panel plate, pattern plate
  • Developing, etching, stripping
  • Chemical cleaning

MP100 Advantages

Edge-to-edge processing forms a continuous flow through the plating cell eliminating edge effects and creating a highly consistent panel to panel distribution for surface and via plating. The MP100 is capable of handling panel thickness ranging from framed 25 micron VM sheets to 7.6mm multilayer panels with many key advantages:

  • Repeatable performance with high Cpk
  • Thickness uniformity to +/-5%
  • Current density to 10ASD
  • Homogeneous plating with no layer separation
  • Eliminates plating voids and pits resulting from trapped gases

Advanced Cell Design

  • Adjustable 3-dimensional shield components provide through distribution control
  • Isolated cathode compartment with triple micro filtration screens
  • Enclosed tank design for clean operation and economical ventilation
  • Anode membrane eliminates oxidation of organic additive

System Features

  • Systems are configured for thin-core materials or multi-layer boards
  • Horizontal or vertical panel orientation
  • Optimum nozzle patterns for uniform coverage
  • Quick connect manifolds, spray tubes, and transport components for simplify maintenance
  • Large removable and hinged spray chamber panels provide for simplified access
  • Highly efficient full panel to small hole drying cells

MP100 Material Handling

  • Removable cassette loading and unloading systems
  • Robotic and vacuum feeding systems
  • Horizontal to vertical panel transfer stations
  • Continuous loader, unloading, and panel accumulating systems
  • Cut sheet framing systems
  • Automated cut sheet taping systems

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