Vertical Roll to Roll

Vertical Roll-to-Roll Wet Process Technology

Vertical processing is widely acknowledged as the preferred method for achieving optimum side-to-side and edge-to-edge uniformity. Technic’s MP200CS is an advanced roll-to-roll wet processing system that offers a variety of key benefits for today’s flexible printed circuits, metal foils, and other flexible substrates.

Applications include:

  • Base and precious metal plating
  • Copper seed, overall panel and pattern plate
  • Alloy plating
  • Electro coating
  • Electro forming
  • Electro polishing
  • Chemical etching
  • Chemical cleaning

Features and Benefits

The MP200CS provides:

  • Superior plating with no pits or voids caused by trapped gases
  • Flexible platform for roll, panel, or cut sheet formats
  • Stable clip mounting platform provides superior dimensional stability
  • Single continuous plating cell eliminates step plating
  • Repeatable performance with high Cpk
  • Bottom transport option with minimal surface contact
  • Material handling eliminates scratching, creasing, denting, buckling defects

Advanced Cell Design

  • Isolated cathode compartment, triple filtration, and enclosed tank design provide for cleanest operation
  • Anode membrane eliminates oxidation of organic additive
  • Adjustable 3-dimensional shield components provide excellent distribution control
  • Thickness uniformity to +/-5%
  • Current density to 10ASD
  • Homogeneous plating with no layer separation
  • Choice of titanium basket or IrO insoluble anode

Material Handling

  • Total tension from 1kg
  • Material width to 600mm
  • Film thickness from 12 micron
  • Line speed to 40m/min
  • Vertical and horizontal spindle orientation
  • Edge trimming option
  • Auto roll change accumulator

Plating Performance

  • Uniform horizontal and vertical distribution
  • Plating current flows perpendicular to cathode
  • Advanced shielding eliminates edge effects and enables differential plating
  • Improved performance with DSA