Wafer Test Module for Electroplating

Wafer Test Module

Designer for laboratory testing and sampling, Technic’s portable tabletop wafer plating test cell features all the tools needed to simulate full scale production.


  • 16” long, 12” wide, 14” deep
  • constructed from ½” thick natural polypropylene with flange
  • anode rod as required for single side plating
  • cathode rod of ¼”x1” stainless steel with holders

The module features cathode rod knife-edge agitation, complete with variable speed motor, 0-16 RPM, motor mount, cam and connecting arm.

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The tank is heated by a 1,000 watt L-type de-rated heater (10 watts/sq. in.) with integral thermal overload protection, digital readout temperature control (+ .25%) and a low solution level shut-off.

The module also features a filter system for continuous filtration and separate agitation pump assembly, complete with natural polypropylene dispersion line with valve. The plating tank, filter pump, agitation pump, etc. is mounted on a common polypropylene base with safety tray approximately 20” x 36”.

The heater, pumps and agitation system are pre-wired to a chemical resistant NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure. The temperature control with the fuses and circuit breakers and necessary switches for the pumps and agitation system are mounted in a separate fiberglass enclosure. The rectifier (provided separately) plugs into the enclosure. Input voltage 120 V/1ph/60Hz.

Wafer Racks and Anodes

Wafer positioning racks and anode baskets are available in a variety of configurations from 50mm up to 300mm. Wafer racks are constructed of clear polycarbonate with titanium buss bar and rods. Titanium hylar coated buss rings hold wafers securely in place with magnet ring connections. Racks are available in single and multiple configurations.