Advanced Engineered Systems

Advanced Engineered Systems

Technic has been building industry leading equipment for over 40 years. Hoist and reel to reel equipment are staples of the industry and Technic’s Mac and MP series are leaders in the field. Where better solutions are possible, Technic has developed a number of proprietary solutions, including:

  • TechniSol 200X
    LIP (Light Induced Plating) technology for solar cells
  • SBE
    Patented Spouted Bed Electrode plating for discrete components
  • MP200CS
    Roll to roll continuous vertical processing of flexible materials
  • CDPP 2000
    Automatic continuous controlled depth processing of loose parts
  • MP300
    Automatic continuous processing of loose parts
  • Tumbleplater
    Conveyorized batch processing of loose parts

Part of Technic’s engineering strength is the ability to work with a customer to find a solution to a plating or wet processing problem. For some parts, standard equipment will not produce an acceptable result. Prototyping and development work are needed. Technic’s engineering staff has a vast array of designs to pull from, and in house engineering talent to identify creative ways to adapt prior systems to meet new process and part constraints.

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