Real Time Analyzer

Real Time Analyzer - Technic RTA

The RTA is an automated, on-line, real-time, and in-tank system for monitoring and controlling the levels of chemical constituents of plating baths.

The RTA technology is a unique modern approach to metrology combining the advanced, purpose-selected electroanalytical techniques with state-of-the-art chemometric techniques. This patented analytical technique utilizes a combination of both AC and DC voltammetry to precisely measure both organic and inorganic levels. Plating performance becomes consistent yielding a constant optimum deposit.

  • In-tank, real-time process control
  • Accurately monitors inorganic and organic bath components
  • Fast, accurate analysis (Approx. 15 min. for 6 components with early fault detection capability)
  • Worldwide technical support
  • Full closed-loop integration capability with major plating tools
  • Virtually no maintenance with low cost of ownership
  • Small footprint
  • Simple installation

RTA is the most advanced process control technology for copper electrodeposition available in today's market offering accurate analysis of commercial processes from Enthone OMI, Dow Chemicals, Technic, and others.

RTA Method

The analytical technique is based on a patented electrochemical technology. In general, the measurement technique is based upon AC and DC voltammetry. A voltage is applied to metal electrodes immersed in the plating bath solution. The applied voltage causes a current to flow as it would during electroplating. Specific aspects of the current response are quantitatively and specifically related to the levels of the various bath chemicals.


  • Analyzes bath directly with no need for reagents (no dilution or sample pretreatment required)
  • Analysis mimics actual plating process
  • Early fault detection (pattern recognition of bath fingerprint)
  • Can analyze 2 tanks with different baths
  • No consumables parts
  • No waste generation

RTA Hardware

The basic RTA unit consists of:

  • Electronic Controller (Potentiostat)
  • Electrochemical Probe
  • PTFE Membrane Pump for sample flow
  • CPU to report and track the results in easy to read tables & charts

The RTA probe has no moving or consumable parts which virtually eliminating excessive probe maintenance. The patented design creates a clean reproducible working electrode for each measurement which improves analytical consistency, reduces maintenance, and eliminates down time and costs due to worn electrodes.


RTA Software

RTA software is designed with an open architecture for easy integration with any plating tool. A user-friendly interface provides access to all advanced analytical techniques employed and requires no proficiency in analytical chemistry by the operator.