Corporate Offices

Corporate Offices

Technic Inc.
47 Molter Street
Cranston, Rhode Island 02910
Tel: 401-781-6100
Fax: 401-781-2890
Contact Technic
Corporate Offices / Marketing / Finance / Customer Service Order Dept / Purchasing

Technic Equipment Division

55 Maryland Avenue
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860
Tel: 401-728-7081
Fax: 401-722-1720
Contact Technic Equipment
Administration/ Engineering/ Manufacturing/ Sales/ Service/ Supplies

Technic Engineered Powders Division

300 Park East Drive
Rhode Island 02895
Tel: 401-769-7000
Fax: 401-769-2472
Contact Technic Engineered Powders
Administration/ Manufacturing/ Research/ Sales/ Service

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