TechniStrip Ni555

Technic Releases TechniStrip® NI555

New, Complete Dissolution, High-Speed Photoresist Stripper

Technic has announced the release of TechniStrip® NI555, a new photoresist stripper specially formulated to achieve complete dissolution of AZ15nXT and AZnLOF 2000 series photoresists.

TechniStrip® NI555 is the only commercially available photoresist stripper that provides fast and complete dissolution of today’s advanced photoresists. Unlike current materials used for photoresist stripping such as NMP, DMSO, and TMAH which cannot fully dissolve this kind of photoresist, TechniStrip® NI555 operates with a unique blend of acidic based solvents that offer fast and complete dissolution without the use of toxins. TechniStrip® NI555 also offers a superior metal compatibility, longer bath life and can be used in a variety of production tools including immersion systems, soak & spray, and batch spray.

      “As feature sizes continue to decrease there is an increased demand on photoresist companies to supply products that provide optimum sidewall profiles and good adhesion to the substrate in order to withstand an aggressive plating process. Amplifying the resist to provide these properties often makes them difficult to remove. Traditional photoresist strippers struggle to dissolve these products and can leave behind debris that may cause problems in subsequent processes resulting in wafer defects. Only TechniStrip® NI555 completely dissolves these new resists without the use of toxic solvents, eliminating the risk of downstream problems.”

          - Anthony Gallegos, Global Product Manager, Semiconductor Technology

Technic’s semiconductor fabrication and packaging chemistries, marketed under the name Elevate®, are well respected for innovation and high quality. Elevate® processes offer high performing electroplating chemistries for copper, nickel, tin, and precious metals. Technic also manufactures a complete line of photoresist cleaners, strippers, and etchants under the names TechniClean, TechniStrip®, and TechniEtch.