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Technic PCB Equipment

Technic provides some of the most sophisticated electrodeposition processing equipment in the PCB industry. Through extensive application research, engineering and design, Technic has pioneered and patented hundreds of advances in PWB processing technology. Technic is the only company in the PCB industry that can offer customers both the chemistry and the specialized equipment designed specifically for their needs.

MP200CS for flex

Roll to roll continuous vertical strip electroplating and wet processing system for flex circuits.
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MP100 - vertical panel plater

Continuous vertical panel processing provides significantly greater plating distribution with thickness deviations as little as 5% from front to back and across panel’s surface.
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Rim Runner Hoist

Rim Runner hoist system for large-scale production with throughput requirements from 50 to over 100 panels an hour.
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Tab plater (MP80 / FFP)

Superior plating uniformity and distribution with 35% less gold consumption
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Mini Tab Plater (FFP)

Technic's Mini FFP Tab Plating System offers superior plating uniformity with high speed performance.
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Equipment & Supplies

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