Pallaspeed 990

Pallaspeed 990

Pure Palladium deposit with high ductility and low stress for high volume connector applications

Technic's Pallaspeed® 990 has proven to be a highly effective process, producing a high ductility/low-stress bright deposit with no microcracking in thicknesses up to 4 µm. The process features a neutral pH with no ammonia smell and offers a wide current density range with a stable electrolyte.

The Pallaspeed® 990 key characteristic is that the process incorporates a minimal amount of hydrogen during plating, which eliminates cracking of the deposit. Pallaspeed® 990 is a fully analyzable process with simple UV/VIS procedures for additive control. The process is stable with a greater than 5 metal turnover (MTO) bath life.

Pallaspeed® 990 also offers superior corrosion resistance, and with the high ductility of the deposit, the process is an ideal choice for mobile phone “quick charge” connectors and any situation where regular manual connectivity is required.

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