Printed Circuit Board Chemistry, Equipment and Controls

Printed Circuit Board Chemistry, Equipment and Controls

Providing advanced solutions to the PCB industry

Technic offers chemical, equipment and process control solutions that meet the most demanding PCB designs while providing significant cost and environmental advantages for today's most advanced technologies


Technic has been providing plating process solutions to the global PCB industry for over 20 years, establishing ourselves as an outstanding partner in providing high quality products, technical expertise and ongoing support to leading PCB manufacturers around the globe. Technic's team of process experts and technicians, coupled with our total manufacturing flexibility, enables us to meet today's PCB market demands of smaller, faster, lower cost and higher quality. Technic strives to not only address the challenges of today's PCB markets but also maintains an ongoing commitment to environmental concerns by:

  • Offering chemical solutions for advanced technical aspects like zero defects, high aspect ratios, blind micro via, high Tg material, fine pitch devices, and high temperature processing
  • Providing a process to reduce environmental footprint through proprietary reduced metal consumption, on-site reclaim of metals, use of concentrates, lead-free final finishes and biodegradable products
  • Reducing process cost through increased production capacity, reduced raw material usage, and use of concentrates.

Technic maintains a strong commitment to ongoing research and is dedicated to wet chemical processes that meet the challenges of the future.
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Imaging Products

Technic is a global supplier of thermal, Photoimageable, LDI and LED solder mask, legend inks and liquid coverlay materials.
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Technic’s equipment offerings include automatic, manual and roll to roll processing.
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Process Control

Technic’s patented EBA provides the next generation with analytical control of advanced plating processes.
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