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Technic's European based operations service the Semiconductor, PCB, Industrial, Electronic component/connector, Decorative, Solar and Medical Industries. Technic maintains manufacturing facilities in England, France and Italy and analytical/technical service representatives throughout Europe.

Specialized equipment, proprietary processing technology as well as conventional chemistry are available through Technic's global equipment supply chain. Technic is the only supplier that offers European based manufacturing for chemistry, equipment, and controls.

Technic France

Technic France has 3 manufacturing plants which offer innovative and competitive products for the electronic component, semiconductor, connector, PWB, photovoltaic, cable, pharmaceutical and decorative industries.

Saint Denis, France
(ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001)

Technic France's Saint Denis plant primarily manufactures ultra-pure chemicals for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. This plant provides a full range of acids, solvents, cleaners, etchants, and dopants used in these industries throughout Europe. Our 7000 m² plant in Saint Denis consists of 3 workshops, 5 warehouses and a full service QC/analytical laboratory.

The lab is equipped with the latest ultra-trace analyzing technologies including two ICP/MS.

Chalon Sur Saône, France
(ISO 9001-2008)

Technic France's Chalon plant produces several thousand tons of ultra-pure hydrogen-peroxide annually (up to ppt grade quality) for the Semiconductor industry throughout Europe. Our products are delivered in bulk by 6 special ISOtainers. Smaller packaging is also available from 1 to 1000 liters.

Noyarey, France

Technic France's Noyarey plant, close to Grenoble, produces Tin, Nickel, Copper, and Silver plating chemistry with the ability to handle cyanides and powders. The facility offers a complete range of processes formulated for electronics and printed circuits, as well as decorative and anti-corrosion applications.

The Noyarey plant is also the home of our European based research and development plating technology team. The laboratory contains a variety of advanced tools for complete analysis, research, and customer support.

Technic France - Semiconductor
Technic's Semiconductor products are well respected for high purity and quality in applications ranging from silicon wafer feedstock, FEOL to BEOL/packaging applications.

Semiconductor - Front end
Technic's Front-End product line includes an extensive range of ultra high purity wet chemicals. Based upon an exclusive proprietary purification technology, Technic commercializes a large variety of active ingredients and solutions to the ppt level. This special technology presents significant advantages and process flexibility enabling high purity grades at competitive price to the IC manufacturers.

Semiconductor - Back End
On the back end of the line applications, Technic has developed: High purity performance plating formulations marketed under the Elevate brand name.
Full production plating equipment is commercialized under the Semcon brand name.

Semiconductor - Controls
The Technic RTA (Real Time Analyzer) is an automated, on-line, real-time, and in-tank system for monitoring and controlling the levels of chemical constituents of plating baths.

The RTA technology is a unique modern approach to metrology combining the advanced, purpose-selected electroanalytical techniques with state-of-the-art chemometric techniques. This patented analytical technique utilizes a combination of both AC and DC voltammetry to precisely measure both organic and inorganic levels. Plating performance becomes consistent yielding optimum deposit results. Learn more

Commitment to ongoing research and new product development
As a technology solution provider, Technic maintains a number of well staffed R&D laboratories where our knowledgeable and committed scientists advance the development of Technic products in response to current customer requirements. Technic has a long standing reputation for consistently, providing customers with high quality and high performance products that offer key production advantages such as purity of product, longer bath life, environmental and customer safety.

Technic UK

Technic UK offices are located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire in the heart of the United Kingdom, offering excellent logistics for fast, efficient, and reliable service. Our facility offers both chemistry and imaging technologies as well as a fully equipped analytical laboratory, enabling us to offer complete customer satisfaction and technical support in the field.

Our extensive product range consists of a total package of chemistry and associated consumable products for the PCB and Electronic component industries, along with equipment and control systems from our US partner, Technic Inc.

Product capability is always under constant development and our policy of total flexibility enables us to meet our customer demands. We feel it is of paramount importance to offer our customers the most advanced technology available, as well as ongoing comprehensive technical support.

Technic Italgalvano

With offices located just outside of Milan, Technic Italgavano provides service and regional support to South Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East. This ISO 9001:2008 approved facility offers sales and technical assistance for Technic products as well as equipment sales and service.

Technic Intagalvano operates a complete manufacturing facility and full service laboratory that maintains quality control as well as a complete range of analytical services to our customers. Our lab is equipped with:

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  • Automatic titrator
  • HPLC
  • Gas-Chromatograph
  • Galvatests
  • Salt spray chamber
  • X-ray thickness measure
  • UV
  • Tensiometer
  • Ion chromatography system

Technic Italgavano supplies a number of key industries in both industrial and decorative applications including: Electronic components, Aerospace, Solar, Automotive, Fashion and Furnishings as well as functional decorative applications.

Technic Deutschland

Near Dusseldorf, Technic Deutschland provides products, services and media to Germany, Switzerland, Austria and les Pays Netherlands, and Poland and the Czech Republic.

Technic Deutschland's products are dedicated to functional Electronics, Aerospace performance finishes, Automotive and Solar applications. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified site is also a research center for plating products.

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