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Elevate® Gold 7990 formulation gets high marks for improved results across expanded applications

Technic announces improvements to its popular Elevate® Gold 7990 sulfite gold plating process in response to an increased demand for the product in the semiconductor industry.

Elevate® Gold 7990 is a non-cyanide gold process that provides a pure, soft bright deposit from a neutral pH solution without the use of harmful metallic grain refiners such as thallium and arsenic. Since its introduction, Elevate® Gold 7990 has become the process of choice in a wide range of industry applications including: RDL, conformal via plating and thick gold bumping. The improved Elevate® Gold 7990 provides even greater performance and versatility for Learn more

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Technic Enters 3D Printing Market with New High-Speed Liquid Support Cleaner

Technic has announced the official launch of its new high-speed 3D support cleaner marketed under the name Techni Print. Specifically formulated for removal of soluble support material, Techni Print is compatible for use in all equipment currently on the market. Supplied in a 40x concentrate liquid and available for purchase online, Techni Print has significantly outperformed the leading industry brands by cutting processing times by as much as 400%.

In addition to Techni Print’s speed, the product offers a built-in indicator identified by its unique blue color, signifying the solution is Learn more

Technic (Italgalvano) Completes New Warehouse and Product Storage Facility in Italy

Technic (Italgalvano) is pleased to announce the official opening of expanded operations at its Lodi Vecchio (Milan) manufacturing facility. The company has completed the acquisition and construction of a new storage facility, expanding its capacity from 400 m2 to over 1,000 m2 of finished product storage. The additional space will further enhance the facility’s operation to meet increased demand in the EU and beyond.

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