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Technic Releases TechniEtch TBR19

High-performance etchant for selective removal of
Titanium and Titanium Alloys

Technic is pleased to announce the release of TechniEtch TBR19, a fluoride free, aqueous etchant designed to selectively remove titanium or titanium alloy (TiN, TiW) barrier layers in semiconductor fabrication and packaging applications. TBR19 has demonstrated extremely high selectivity for Ti or Ti alloys over copper, resulting in a significant reduction in undercut (<200 nm) in Cu pillar applications. TBR19 also features a tunable etch rate with a long process life, thereby improving quality, reducing cost, and ensuring consistent yields in leading edge packaging applications. TechniEtch TBR19 has been used successfully in a variety of industrial tool platforms. Learn more

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Technic Releases CU128 - New Versatile Acid Copper for High-Speed PCB Plating

Technic is pleased to announce the release of Technic CU128, a newly developed acid copper plating process for both flexible and rigid PCB applications. CU128 has proven to be especially versatile in high-speed plating operations where it is capable of achieving current densities above 10 ASD (100ASF). CU 128 is specifically formulated to double current productivity without having to invest in new equipment. The CU128 deposit is extremely ductile, passing over 1000 bends and providing over 25% elongation. Technic’s CU128 can be used Learn more

Techni Print Eco-Reclaim Agent makes support cleaner disposal easy, safe and clean

Technic has announced the release of Techni Print Eco-Reclaim Agent, a powdered additive to process saturated Techni Print Cleaning Solution for easy and safe disposal.

Techni Print’s Eco Reclaim Agent has the unique ability to reclaim almost all of the support material from a saturated Techni Print solution. With this unique additive, a fully saturated Techni Print cleaner can be separated into a solid mass of support material and a Learn more