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New Nickel Eliminates Boric Acid Toxicity Concerns
in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Elevate Ni 5950 – A Boric Acid Free Alternative

In response to concerns in the semiconductor industry over reports on boric acid effects on human reproduction, Technic has developed a nickel plating process free of boric acid. Elevate Ni 5950 eliminates concerns related to toxicity by offering a nickel deposit that is equal or better than a standard boric acid nickel sulfamate bath.

Technic’s Elevate Ni 5950 is capable of running at a wide current density range of 1–10 ASD. Deposit properties such as stress, ductility, tensile strength, elongation, grain structure and corrosion resistance are all very similar to a standard nickel solution.

Elevate Ni 5950 can be easily installed on existing nickel plating tools without any modifications to the plating cell. The process is Learn more

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Technic Releases CU128 - New Versatile Acid Copper for High-Speed PCB Plating

Technic is pleased to announce the release of Technic CU128, a newly developed acid copper plating process for both flexible and rigid PCB applications. CU128 has proven to be especially versatile in high-speed plating operations where it is capable of achieving current densities above 10 ASD (100ASF). CU 128 is specifically formulated to double current productivity without having to invest in new equipment. The CU128 deposit is extremely ductile, passing over 1000 bends and providing over 25% elongation. Technic’s CU128 can be used Learn more

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Technic supplies some of the most advanced solutions and analytical controls in the semiconductor packaging industry. Technic’s electrodeposition chemistries, marketed under the name Elevate®, are well respected for innovation and quality and are used in many applications including RDL, pillars, microbumps and LED packaging. Technic also supplies a number of photoresist strippers for liquid and dry film resist, metal etchants and cleaners. For analytical controls, Technic offers its RTA line of products for real-time monitoring and advanced control operations. Be sure to stop by Booth 4534 during your visit to learn more and speak with our knowledgeable staff about your particular application needs.

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