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Technic's TechniPad ENIG has become the industry standard in electroless nickel, immersion gold plating. The introduction of this ground breaking electroless nickel, immersion gold chemistry has taken ENIG from an art form to a reproducible, zero defect, production proven process. From an electroless nickel requiring almost no pump overs to eliminating black pad with flat EN and non-cyanide immersion gold, Technipad solves industry issues, improves quality, and reduces operating cost. See what our customers are saying

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Technic Releases Techni IM Gold AT8000

Non-Cyanide Immersion Gold for ENIG

Technic Inc. has announced the release of Techni IM Gold AT8000, a non-cyanide immersion gold that improves solderability while reducing gold usage when compared to typical cyanide based ENIG chemistry. Besides the elimination of cyanide, Techni IM Gold AT8000 slows down and controls the deposition of gold on electroless nickel. The result of a slower, more controlled reaction is the elimination of corrosion products and the creation of a pore free ENIG deposit with dramatically improved solder spread. Learn more

Technic launches online customer satisfaction surveys

As part of our ongoing outreach to our valued customers, we recently implemented two online surveys to help us better meet the needs of our customers and the industries we serve. The surveys are designed to address areas of interest for purchasing agents and the end users of Technic products.
Customer Survey for End Users

Customer Survey for Purchasing Agents