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Technic Releases Technibrite HT 1000

New Bright Acid Tin Process for Rack and Barrel Plating

Technic Inc. has announced the release of Technibrite HT 1000, a new Bright Acid Tin process suitable for rack and barrel electroplating applications.

Based on an inexpensive sulfuric acid electrolyte, the Technibrite HT 1000 process has an exceptional low current density bright range, even when the plating bath temperature and tin concentration parameters are higher than normal. The process can run without a chiller, and will produce a bright deposit at low current densities at process temperatures as high as 35˚C, and with tin concentrations as high as 40 g/l. Cathode efficiencies of up to 90% are achievable with the process, compared to traditional bright acid tin process efficiencies of Learn more

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Technic Engineered Powders Appoints Techno Alpha
as Primary Distributor in Japan

Technic’s Engineered Powders Division has announced the appointment of Techno Alpha Company, Ltd. as its primary distributor in Japan. Gary P. Hemphill, Vice President and General Manager of Technic’s Engineered Powders Division stated, “with our partners, Techno Alpha Company Ltd., we will be in a much-improved position to have a unified approach to the Japanese markets.” Techno Alpha is a distributor of high tech equipment and materials to the electronics industries. Technic, Inc. recently finished a substantial increase in its Silver Powder Learn more

Technic Releases TechniCatalyst AT4608

New High Performance Palladium Activator for TechniPad ENIG, ENIPIG and ENEPIG Plating Processes

Technic has announced the release of TechniCatalyst AT4608, a high-performance palladium activator for TechniPad ENIG, ENIPIG, and ENEPIG plating processes.

As with any ENIG process, the quality of the final deposit is controlled by the palladium activator. The activator becomes more critical as features and geometries become smaller and the range of dielectric materials increases. TechniCatalyst AT4608 has been developed specifically to exceed the industries’ current demands while offering some significant advantages. Learn more