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Honeywell Aerospace Grants Technic Exclusive License for NiW Technology

Technic has been granted an exclusive worldwide license to manufacture and market Honeywell’s Nickel/Tungsten (65/35) technology under the trade name Duratech NiW. Designed as a Hard Chromium replacement to meet European Union regulatory requirements banning the use of hexavalent chromium by September 2017, Duratech NiW offers Aerospace, Automotive, and heavy industrial users of hard chromium an environmentally benign process with significant performance advantages.

The Duratech NiW plating process is a cost-effective, drop-in replacement for hexavalent chromium processes offering superior Learn more

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Technic Engineered Powders Appoints Techno Alpha
as Primary Distributor in Japan

Technic’s Engineered Powders Division has announced the appointment of Techno Alpha Company, Ltd. as its primary distributor in Japan. Gary P. Hemphill, Vice President and General Manager of Technic’s Engineered Powders Division stated, “with our partners, Techno Alpha Company Ltd., we will be in a much-improved position to have a unified approach to the Japanese markets.” Techno Alpha is a distributor of high tech equipment and materials to the electronics industries. Technic, Inc. recently finished a substantial increase in its Silver Powder Learn more

Technic (Italgalvano) Completes New Warehouse and Product Storage Facility in Italy

Technic (Italgalvano) is pleased to announce the official opening of expanded operations at its Lodi Vecchio (Milan) manufacturing facility. The company has completed the acquisition and construction of a new storage facility, expanding its capacity from 400 m2 to over 1,000 m2 of finished product storage. The additional space will further enhance the facility’s operation to meet increased demand in the EU and beyond.

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