Rim Runner Hoist

Rim Runner Hoist Systems

Ideal for wider baths and heavier loads, Technic's Rim Runner hoist travels along the system’s integral frame structure on outside the processing tanks. Rim Runners offer a low profile and streamlined approach by eliminating the need for hoist superstructures and bracing. Single or multiple Rim Runner Hoists may be utilized on the same line and are available as manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic systems.

VIDEO: Technic Rim Runner Hoist System

Hoist Features

Drive System: Friction
Traverse Speed: 120+ fpm
Lift Mechanism: Polypropylene Belt
Station ID: Prox. Switch or Absolute Rotary Encoder
Controls: Automatic, Semiautomatic or Manual
Product Array: Rack, Barrel, Magazine, or Basket
Lift Capacity: Up to 4,000 lbs. (Larger lift capacities available)

Construction Options and Features

Technic offers a wide selection of turn-key hoist system designs as well as custom built. All systems are prewired and pre-plumbed and fully tested prior to shipment.

  • Tank Construction, Linings, Coating, Covers
  • Loading/Unloading Stations
  • Hoist Positioning Options
    • Laser
    • Encoder
    • Manual
  • Hoist Controls/Scheduling
    • Random loading
    • Time-way based
  • Device Controls and Data Acquisition
    • Rectifiers
    • Heaters
    • Pumps
    • Filters
    • Level
  • Material Handling
    • Rack
    • Barrel
    • Basket
  • Plumbing
    • Fill Lines
    • Drains
    • Spargers
  • Inline or Offline Dryers
  • Ventilation
  • Spill Containment
  • Enclosures (Hoist and System)
  • Waste Treatment