Solar Imaging Products

TechniSol UV-PR

TechniSol UV-PR is an alkali soluble UV plating/etching resist suitable for fine line printing with superior results.

TechniSol UV-PR offers a high speed of cure and ease of stripping that ensures high solar cell productivity. TechniSol UV-PR also provides excellent print characteristics in a vibrant blue tone that helps facilitate a quick visual inspection during processing. TechniSol UV-PR provides exceptionally high resistance from attack by most acidic-based electrolytes and is readily stripped in diluted caustic containing solutions.

Key advantages of TechniSol UV-PR

  • Suitable for use on solar cells.
  • Contains no solvents.
  • Exceptional resistance to heat and most acidic media used in the electronics industry.
  • Excellent adhesion to solar cell substrates.
  • Specially designed for high speed fully automatic solar screen printers.
  • Requires low UV energy for curing.