Technic Solar Chemistry

Technic Solar Chemistry

Technic Solar Technology Video: A new Dawn for Solar

At Technic, researching and developing new and innovative methods of harnessing the sun’s potential has been our mission. As one of the largest suppliers of engineered powders to the solar industry, our global team of dedicated chemists and engineers work to advance photovoltaic technology to the next level.

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Demands for increased efficiencies and reduced production costs are an essential part of the future for the solar industry. Technic has developed two processes that are specifically designed to meet that challenge.

Reduced Silver Paste

RSP Technology lowers cost and improves performance by reducing the amount of silver paste that is used to form the front side metallization by electrodepositing a plated silver layer on top of a thin silver paste contact layer.

Alternative Seed Layer

ASL Technology gives the cell manufacturer the ability to lower front side metallization material costs by up to 40% and improve efficiencies. ASL enhances metallization through the use of a nickel seed layer with Light Induced Plating of nickel, copper and tin. ASL will be released for high volume manufacturing in 2011.

Technical Articles/Presentations

  • Improved Contact Formation for Large Area Solar Cells Using the Alternative Seed Layer (ASL) Process
  • Compatibility of ASL process with Mono-Si & Poly-Si substrates patterned by laser or wet etching
  • Formation of a low Ohmic contact nickel silicide layer on textured silicon wafers using electroless nickel plating

  • Technic maintains a strong commitment in the development of new solutions for the photovoltaic industry. Combined with our state of the art advanced processing equipment, Technic is a knowledgeable and reliable partner for next generation PV cell manufacturing.

    TechniSol Ag 2460

    TechniSol Ag 2460 is a non-cyanide silver electrodeposition process used to enhance a silver paste seed layer or used as a solderable layer in a solar cell metal stack application. Ag 2460 is a high-speed, low-silver metal formulation that provides a very fine grain morphology, excellent thickness distribution and zero lateral growth. Can be used with Light Induced Plating or conventional electroplating.

      TechniSol Ag 2460 Benefits:

    • Clear solution allowing for maximum light transmission
    • Fully analyzable and easily controlled
    • Wide process window
    • High stability and extended bath life
    • High deposition rate
    • Formulated for silver paste compatibility

    Another major benefit of the TechniSol Ag 2460 is that the bath is not consumed through electrolysis. This bath is only consumed through drag-out. With a running concentration of as low as 20 g/l, the TechniSol Ag 2460 offers a very cost effective electrodeposition system.

    TechniSol Cu 2440

    TechniSol Cu 2440 is an electrodeposition copper process that can be used with Light Induced Plating or conventional electroplating. This bath produces low stress, high conductivity deposits at 40 – 60 ASF that are ideal for use in a solar cell metal stack application.

    TechniSol Ni 2420

    TechniSol Ni 2420 is an electrodeposition nickel process that can be used with Light Induced Plating or conventional electroplating. It is ideal for use as a barrier layer over alternative seed layers such as nickel silicide and Laser Doped Selective Emitter. Produces a low stress, low resistivity nickel deposit..


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