Semiconductor Strippers


Resist Strippers for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Applications

Technic offers a number of Photoresist Strippers, each with specialized characteristics and benefits, for use in microfabrication. Technic's line of Technistrip® products provide superior results and consistently high performance with the highest standards of purity. As will all Technic products, we offer our extensive experience and unparalleled customer service that has made Technic a respected resource for quality around the globe.

TechniStrip® NF52

A highly effective negative tone photoresist remover used mainly for TSV mask and solder bumping applications. Developed to address laminated photo-resins and liquid resins, the novel stripping formulation of this TMAH/DMSO chemistry exhibits high dissolution performance compared to standard TMAH based blends.

TechniStrip® NF52 provides full dissolution of most photoresist without the use of harmful products such as NMP and Hydroxylamine. NF52 successfully performs without any negative impact to the copper surface, preserving critical fine features that would otherwise be negatively impacted by photoresist strippers that can etch into fine surface details.

TestTechniStrip® NF52 SEM - View

TechniStrip NF52 is a highly effective photoresist remover and is compatible with numerous substrates. TechniStrip NF52 has been documented to perform with an extended bath life that is typically 2–3 times greater than standard photoresist strippers, resulting in a significant savings in operating costs.

TechniStrip® P1331

An advanced photoresist stripper that has a wide range of applications from DUV to thick negative resins and passivation layer reworking. It is especially ideal for use in back end applications like TSV, Cu pillar, bumping, etc. Offers complete resin dissolution of thick film photoresist such as THB151N, THB121N, AZ125XT, etc.

TechniStrip® NF90

A TMAH free solution that offers similar performance to the TechniStrip NF52. High resin dissolution and very good metal compatibility.

TechniStrip® NI555

Specially formulated to fully dissolve AZ EM advanced line of photoresist: AZ15nXt, AZ40XT and AZnLOF 2000 series. High metal compatibility from a DMSO and TMAH free solution.