Semiconductor Electroplating Nickel and Tin

Nickel and Tin

Nickel and tin are critical deposits for advanced packaging platforms. Technic’s range of products are formulated to maximize the performance of the package and for ease of use in high volume production.

Elevate® Ni 5910

All purpose nickel sulfamate bath that provides a low stress and ductile deposit. Low maintenance and long bath life are prominent attributes of this process.

Elevate® Ni 5930

A high throwing power nickel sulfate bath that can improve distribution and reduce plating times on difficult to plate complex features.

Elevate® Ni 5950

Elevate Ni 5950 eliminates concerns related to toxicity with a boric acid free nickel deposit that is better than a standard boric acid nickel sulfamate bath. Technic’s Elevate Ni 5950 is capable of running at a wide current density range of 1–10 ASD. Deposit properties such as stress, ductility, tensile strength, elongation, grain structure and corrosion resistance are all very similar to a standard nickel solution

Elevate® Tin 5011

A High-speed pure tin process that produces a deposit that is fine-grained with low organic impurities and is whisker resistant. The process is formulated to provide excellent coplanarity across the wafer.

Pillars plated with Elevate® Cu 6370 and Elevate® Tin 5011 View Detail