Semiconductor Chemistry, Equipment and Controls

Semiconductor Chemistry and Controls

Technic supplies some of the most advanced chemistry solutions for semiconductor fabrication and packaging in the industry. High-performance product development with application specific characteristics and unparalleled analytical expertise provides customers with the essential tools to meet the challenges of today’s semiconductor manufacturing.


Technic’s Semiconductor chemistry products are well respected for high purity and quality in applications ranging from silicon wafer feedstock, FEOL, to BEOL and advanced packaging.


Technic’s Real Time Analyzer (RTA) is a fully automated on-line, real-time, in-tank system for monitoring and controlling levels of chemical components in a copper plating solutions. Technic's RTA has become the leading analytical control system for copper damascene processes. The capability of the RTA system has now been successfully expanded into backend packaging applications for controlling TSV, copper pillar and RDL processes. Learn more.

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