ENIG PCB Customer Testimonials

(Please have a Technic Representative contact me about TechniPad ENIG)

TechniPad ENIG has become the industry standard in electroless nickel, immersion gold plating. The introduction of
this ground breaking electroless nickel, immersion gold chemistry has taken ENIG from an art form to a reproducible,
zero defect, production proven process. From an electroless nickel requiring almost no pump overs to eliminating
black pad with flat EN and non-cyanide immersion gold, TechniPad solves industry issues, improves quality, and
reduces operating cost.

Here’s what our customers say

  • “We use a PP tank and never see plate out of the electroless nickel.”
  • “Tremendous solderability that streamlined our in house hand soldering process.”
  • “We get tremendous service from the Technic Team.”

  •       Yogen Patel - Owner, Candor Industries
  • “When we brought ENIG in house, TechniPad was the only option
        with a cyanide free immersion gold that simplified our permitting process.”
  • “Due to cost savings, the ROI on ENIG installation has been very quick.”

  •       Jorge Avilia - General Manager, Bay Area Circuits
  • “We’ve had zero defects since installing the process back in 2011.”
  • “Very low maintenance since installing AT5600.”
  • “Process costs are lower than ever.”

  •       Vipin Patel - Owner, Circuit World Inc.
  • “We saw an immediate reduction in our Au usage.”
  • “In-tank stability and coverage of difficult parts with AT5600 turned ENIG into a completely trouble free process.”

  •       Simon Etherington - Owner, Siber Circuits

    TechniPad ENIG Features and Benefits








    Unique EN deposit

    Up to 30% reduction in gold usage

    Extremely stable electroless nickel

    Reduced cost

    Almost no pump-overs

    Increased production capacity

    Reduced waste generation

    IM Au operates at 1gm/l Au and yields 10-20 MTOs

    Reduced drag out & lower makeup and operating costs

    Self-limiting, cyanide free immersion gold

    Reduced Au usage / cost

    Reduced environmental impact

    Long catalyst bath life

    Low Pd concentration in catalyst

    Up to 50% reduction in activation cost







    Unique EN deposit yields

    ·      No corrosion products or black pad

    ·      Consistent P content on EN surface

    Improved solder spread

    Improved solder joint strength

    Improved quality with respect to black pad

    Stable catalyst with no organic component to break down

    Wide process window on EN stabilizers

    Excellent coverage with no skipping or edge pull back

    Controlled initiation reduces gassing & helps encapsulate solder mask foot

    Improved operating window for solder mask adhesion

    Stable catalyst with low Pd concentration

    Stable electroless nickel

    No extraneous plating on dielectric & no footing

    No dummy plating required





    Long solution lives & stable plating baths

    Reduced waste

    Cyanide free immersion Au

    Eliminate toxic cyanide source


    Process sequence for soldering, wire bonding, touch & slide contacts

    One line for all surface finish applications

    (Please have a Technic Representative contact me about TechniPad ENIG)

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