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Electrolytic Copper and Tin

Technic offers a selection of Acid Copper products for printed circuit board applications. Selection of an electrolytic Acid Copper depends on the board design, the type of plating cell being used and specific performance requirements. Technic technical specialists work with our customers to provide the electrolytic Acid Copper technology necessary to assure superior process performance.

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Technic CU 2900

A truly unique acid copper plating process specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s complex printed circuit board designs. Providing excellent throwing power over a wide current density range. Technic CU 2900 offers specific advantages:

  • Low current density processing for improved distribution on demanding designs
  • Increased production capacity on standard product

The superior throwing power of Techni CU 2900 results in uniform deposits with good ductility and a fine-grained, equiaxed structure. The process utilizes a one-component system for amp-hour based replenishment. Individual components are available for optimization of specific applications. The additive system is extremely stable and completely analyzable by using Technic's patented Technic EBA.

    Technic CU 2300

    The Technic CU 2300 process has excellent throwing power and produces a uniform deposit with good ductility and a fine-grained equiaxed structure. The copper deposited from the Technic CU 2300 process meets all military, IPC and specific OEM requirements for purity, elongation, thermal cycle and thermal shock resistance. The Technic CU 2300 acid copper process is a two component make-up. The Technic CU 2300 process is fully analyzable and can be replenished based on actual bath consumption of the individual components by using the patented Technic EBA, exclusively from Technic.

      Technic CU128

      Technic CU128 is a high-speed DC acid copper designed for use in high flow plating cells like Technic MP200. It provides better throwing power with higher current density when compared to competitive processes. It is chemistry unique to Technic that provides superior control of grain structure and suppression of plating deposit in HCD areas. This translates into no burning, excellent distribution, and unsurpassed throwing power with DC current. To the fabricator, this means higher throughput and easier process control.

        Technic CU135

        Technic CU135 is designed to be used with Technic ISA insoluble anode system in high throw applications where lower current densities are used. The combination by eliminating copper anodes will reduce surface defects like nodules and pits. Technic CU135 provides better throwing power at higher current density when compared to competitive processes and delivers excellent distribution. To the fabricator, this translates to higher throughput and higher first pass yields for fine pitch structures typical in advanced electronics.

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          TechniPulse 5300

          TechniPulse 5300 has been specifically engineered for pulse periodic reverse or complex pulse wave applications. In the pulse mode the TechniPulse 5300 will produce an even, semi-bright deposit from a stable electrolyte. TechniPulse 5300 can also be operated in the DC mode so that a single process can be utilized for both DC and pulse applications. The TechniPulse 5300 is economical to use and the deposit is a high purity, fine grained, equiaxed copper. The two component replenishment package is easy to control and can be fully analyzed and replenished utilizing the patented Technic EBA, exclusively from Technic.

          TechniFlex CU 120

          TechniFlex CU 120 is a high speed, stress free copper specifically designed for Flexible Circuits. Unlike standard acid copper processes, the TechniFlex CU 120 is capable of plating at over 40 ASF (4 ASD) in standard process tanks. The use of unique leveling agents helps to overcome incomplete coverage in sputtered coatings, making it ideal for plating of seed layer flex or direct metallization systems.

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          Technic ISA

          Technic ISA Insoluble Anode System: The Technic ISA system eliminates high consumption of additives and utilizes copper oxide to maintain copper concentration in the plating solution. By eliminating soluble anodes, the Technic ISA system provides;


          • A defect free surface by eliminating a major source of nodules
          • Improved plating distribution by providing a consistent anode area
          • Improved deposit performance by eliminating high breakdown of organic additives

          Technic ISA performance is guaranteed in conjunction Technic acid copper additives or with Technic plating equipment.

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          Technistan HTM 4089

            Technistan HTM 4089 is a High Throw Matte (HTM) tin sulfate process engineered to increase yields in advanced printed circuit boards. The Technistan HTM 4089 additive suppresses deposit thickness on the surface creating a thicker deposit in the center of a high aspect ratio through hole or at the bottom of a blind microvia. Technistan HTM 4089 produces a very consistent fine grain deposit. This deposit along with it’s excellent throw provides exceptional resistance to final etchants.

            Because the additive is extremely stable, there are no amp hour adds. The additive is controlled by either periodic analysis and or standard adds based on acid drag out. This process also breaks out the Antiox # 8 as a separate analyzable material. This helps to maintain a clear solution by reducing levels of insoluble tin salts that are easily removed with the proper filtration.

            The main wetter used in the Technistan HTM 4089 helps to maintain a uniform fine grain deposit and controls burning with low tin concentrations. But as shown below on a hull cell test, the Technistan HTM 4089 wetter also provides suppression of plating in HCD areas.


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