Technic CU128

    Technic CU128

    Acid Copper for High Speed Plating of Thin Substrates

    Technic CU128 is an acid copper plating process specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s thin flexible substrates. Cu128 is a DC process that can be operated at 2 to 15 ASD (20 -150ASF) with soluble or Technic ISA insoluble anodes. CU128 exhibits superior throwing power without the expense of PPR rectification.

    Technic CU128 Provides

    • High throwing power at elevated current densities
    • Superior Surface Distribution
    • Exceptional Ductility
    • Low Stress

    4 ASD, 50 and 100 micron vias

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    High Throw into Small Through Holes and Blind Vias: Technic's CU128 chemistry provides high suppression of the plating deposit in high current density areas. To the fabricator, this means the ability to plate blind microvias and small through holes in less time than current processes in existing equipment. The time savings can more than double with implementation of the entire Technic CPS system for Vertical Copper Plating.

    Superior Surface Distribution: At 8ASD (80ASF) Technic CU128 can produce less than a 6% COV. Some of the distribution comes from Technic’s knowledge of plating cell design, but most comes from a suppressor that is unique to the Technic CU128 process. Most competitive systems use PEG based suppressing agents which have limited potential for current density range and are weak agents. Technic CU128 chemistry offers the ability to plate at high current densities with excellent results.

    Exceptional Deposit Properties: The Technic CU128 deposit has a tensile strength of over 45,000 and elongation over 25% over it’s entire current density range. However, Technic CU128 goes beyond standard Cu deposits and also passes MIT testing and can produce a deposit with compressive stress making Technic CU128 ideally suited for flexible substrates.