Anodizing Chemistry and Equipment for Aluminum Finishing

Anodizing Chemistry for Today's Aluminium Finishing

Alufinish and Technic offer customers a one-stop approach to meeting the challenges of today’s aluminum anodizing manufacturing. Technic is the exclusive U.S. and Canada distributor for Alufinish products for anodizing and powder coating pretreatment.

Product Function Characteristics
ALFICLEAN 154/4 Alkaline Cleaner for Aluminum Low foaming liquid cleaner that is not aggressive to the aluminum surface. Suitable for most aluminum alloys.
ALFISATIN 358/1 Alkaline Etchant for Aluminum Long life alkaline etchant (E6) for most aluminum alloys. Can tolerate up to 190 g/l Al. Low viscosity allows for excellent drainage. Will sequester harmful Zn and Cu contamination.
ALFIFLEX 450 Chemical Bright Dip No nitric or chromate fumes. Does not need a scrubber.
ALFIFLEX 490 Electrolytic Bright Dip No chromates. High brightness and reflectivity.
Alkaline Clarifier to Remove Oxides Removes Al oxide passive layer after bright dip. No reduction in brightness.
Cold Seal after Anodizing High performance cold seal that will meet automotive pH 12 tests and ISO 3210 standards for architectural profiles.
ALFISEAL 942 Hot Seal after Anodizing No heavy metals. Provides excellent resistance to fingerprinting. Superior pH resistance.
Acid Deoxidizer Liquid fluoride reinforced deoxidizer. Can be used in immersion or spray cells. Low foaming.
ALFICOAT 748/3 Chrome Free Acid Passivation Excellent paint and powder coat adhesion. Approved by Qualicoat and GSB for 10 year exposure. Room temperature application.
ALFIDEOX 79 Deoxidizing Additive Economical powder. Solubilizes Cu and Pb alloying elements.