Lead Frames

Lead Frames

Technic’s chemistry for lead frame applications include the latest innovations to minimize environmental impact and reduce costs for lead frame suppliers.

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Pre-treatment Processes

Technic Predip 470
Technic Predip 470 is a single additive pre-treatment process which minimizes silver immersion deposits on copper/copper alloy substrates prior to silver plating.

First providing chemical solutions for technical aspects View

Silver Electroplating Processes

Techni Silver EHS 3R
Techni Silver EHS 3R is a high speed silver plating solution designed to deposit pure silver in spot plating and other automatic machine applications from a phosphate electrolyte. The bath is designed to operate at very low concentrations of free cyanide with inert anodes. Techni Silver EHS 3R can produce deposits from matte to full bright.

Techni Silver EHS 4
Techni Silver EHS 4 is a high speed silver plating solution recommended for use in applications that require deposits of high purity silver, high resistance to heat, and have excellent die and wire bonding characteristics. Techni Silver EHS 4 can produce deposits from matte to fully bright from a nitrate electrolyte.

Ni-Pd-Au PPF Electroplating Processes

Techni Nickel HSG
Techni Nickel HSG is an environmentally friendly process designed for high speed, high current density plating in a variety of electronic plating applications. Techni Nickel HSG produces a low stress, semi-bright, ductile nickel deposit from a chemistry which is completely free of amines and is, therefore, suitable for green technology applications.

Technic Pallaspeed VHS
Technic Pallaspeed VHS produces a pure palladium deposit that exhibits exceptional ductility and porosity from a conventional palladosamine chloride electrolyte.

Technic Palladium AF
Technic Palladium AF produces high purity palladium deposits suitable for wire bonding and solderability applications. . Technic Palladium AF is completely free of ammonia and as a result provides a safer working environment, free of ammonia fumes. Technic Palladium AF operates at an acidic pH. Therefore, adhesion directly onto nickel surfaces is greatly enhanced.

Technic Orostrike C
Technic’s pure gold process for depositing ultra-thin layers of pure gold to enhance wire bonding / solderability performance in PPF applications. Operates at very low gold metal concentration with high current density range.

Post-Treatment Processes

Techni SBO-K2
Techni SBO-K2 minimizes epoxy bleed out without adversely affecting downstream assembly operations such as wire-bonding and die-attachment.