Finger Plater (FFP)

Finger Plater (FFP)

Technic offers two tab plater models the Mini FFP and the MP80. With over 700 Tab Plating machines worldwide, Technic provides most advanced technical support for both chemistry and equipment available.

Technic Tab Plater’s offer:

  • Superior plating uniformity and distribution with 35% less gold consumption
  • Modular construction for simple process changes or additions
  • Maintenance-free, low friction transport mechanism with self adjusting guides for a variety of panel thicknesses
  • Roll-out plating cells with quick disconnect spargers for accessibility and ease of service
  • Exclusive high-volume, low pressure rinse sparger design reduces water usage and waste treatment by more than 75%

FFP Automatic Tab Plater Performance

Deposits .000100 to .000150 inches of nickel, and .000050 inches of gold at 1.5 ft./min.

Process cells with attached polypropylene reservoirs slide out for easy access. The cells are provided with snap top covers and easily removable end wipers assemblies for inspection and maintenance.

  • Greater deposit uniformity
  • Gold savings up to 35%
  • Increased Production
  • Compact design
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Low overall operating costs

Technic's Mini FFP Tab Plating System offers superior plating uniformity with high speed performance. Constructed of quality materials and designed for easy operation and maintenance, the Mini FFP provides the greatest return on investment by providing significant savings in metal consumption.

  • Decreases gold thickness variance to ± 5% (save an average of 30-35% of gold used over conventional methods).
  • Automatic operation increases production by 200% or more on average.
  • Processes PCB's from 4" x 6" to 24" x 24" continuously
  • Minimal space required: 11' x 3'
  • Labor saving operation with minimal staffing requirements

Mini FFP Tab Plater in production at Colonial Circuits, Inc. Fredericksburg, VA

Technic provides a full range of chemistry for tab plating including:

  • Technic Tin-Lead strippers and copper activation
  • Technic Orosene-B20 gold process for finger and full board. Low gold concentration, resistant to lead contamination. Meets Types I and II Grade C of MIL-G-45240C.
  • Technic 434 HS gold process for full board. Meets Type III Grade A of Mil-G-45204C.

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