Cut Strip Leadframe

Technic Cut Strip Plater

Loading Options

Cassette to Cassette

Lead frames are loaded into the machine from dedicated cassettes moved by automated conveyor to the vacuum pickup head for insertion into the continuous moving belt. As cassettes are emptied full cassettes may be added to the conveyor without interrupting the operation of the system.

Magazine to Magazine

This option allows for the loading of a greater number of lead frames without operator intervention. As in the cassette loading systems, magazines are shuttled to and from the pick-up head without interruption of the loading system.

Cassette or Magazine

For customers who process a variety of lead frame designs, both methods can be adapted to the same load station. Multiple loading options such as this can be an advantage for customers with rapidly changing product lines.

Multi-Magazine Handler

Customers with heavy production demands can increase unattended operation time with the addition of the multi-magazine handling option. As many as six magazines can be automatically loaded without operator intervention.

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