Test Module (Solar LIP)

Technic LIP Solar Wafer Plating Tool

Light Induced Solar Plating of Front-Side Contacts (For Research and development applications)

General Specifications

  • The plating station is 14"x28"x10" deep (approx. 12 gal.) constructed from ½" thick polypropylene with flange.
  • Stainless steel anode fixture with hinge assembly (anode fixture is designed to accommodate three 7/16” diameter x 19” long silver anodes).
  • A 500 watt Teflon immersion heater with built-in thermocouple over-temperature shut-off and a float type low level shut-off and a digital readout indicating thermostatic temperature control.
  • Model PP-LB4 in-tank pump/filter system connected to a CPVC solution sparger.
  • Light source with control
  • One CPVC solar cell fixture to accommodate three 156mm x 156mm solar cells.
  • Rectifier: Model GPS1850D, 5 Amp, 0-18 Volt, constant current, constant voltage, 0.01% regulation with digital LED display.
  • A manual timer with light and alarm

Each unit contains a plating station contained within a white polypropylene module. Overall dimensions are 38.5”w x 34.5”d x 36.5”h (To the top of the self). The module features a shelf above and to the rear of the tanks accommodating the power supply and other instrumentation.

Anodes are readily available at current market price on the day of shipment.

The addition of light induced electrodepostion to silver paste printed photovoltaic cells improves front-side conductivity while improving the overall uniformity. Technic's exclusive technology utilizing Technisol® chemistry can improve cell efficiency by .4%. Our LIP Solar Plating Tool has been specially designed to further this technology in research and development applications.

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