ECE Chemistry

ECE Chemistry

Water Treatment

Influent of water and water recycling system

Anti-Scalant TCRO-AT

Highly effective anti-precipitating agent that prevents calcium carbonate, barium sulphate and calcium sulphate buildups by increasing their relative solubility. Also effective in reducing iron fouling.

Anti-Bio TCRO-AB

Highly effective agent used to inhibit and kill bacteria growth, algae and fungus from the city water and Influent of water recycling system.

Membrane Cleaning

Cleaner TOC-AC

Acidic membrane cleaner specifically designated to remove iron fouling. It also is effective against calcium carbonate scaling.

Cleaner TOC-H1

Membrane cleaner based on the sodium salt of EDTA has been developed to assist in the cleaning of acid insoluble sulphates of barium, calcium and strontium.

Cleaner TOC-H2

Alkaline membrane cleaner based on organic surfactant that has been developed to remove organic matter.

Wastewater Treatment

TC-DEC-01 Decomplexer

Ensures metal complex destruction and prevents re-complexing. Specialty non-sulphate based metal precipitant with strong reduction properties to eliminate heavy metal, especially in the presence of strong complexing agents.


Reduce the sludge formation and improve flocculation. Reduces sludge formation 20-40%; shorten sedimentation time and improves flocculation performance; eliminates sticky problem of dry film stripper acidification treatment.

TC-FLO- Flocculant

Strong madetion property, precipitate heavy metal effectively. Highly efficient flocculant with ion exchange capabilities based on neutral bleaching earths and additives. It is used to precipitate suspended particles.