Batch Processing Systems

Batch Processing Systems

All Technic hoist systems can be configured to transport racks, barrels, baskets and/or vibratory plating units.


Conventional barrel processing consists of a horizontal barrel of various lengths and diameters rotating on a horizontal axis. A DC cathode contact is made either through side mounted danglers or various contacts within the cylinder. They are typically considered for batch processing of many parts that may be difficult or too costly (labor intensive) to rack plate. Barrel technology is commonly used in conjunction with manual and automatic hoist systems.

Large barrels (e.g., 18” x 36”, 24” x 60”) are used for general metal finishing and industrial applications, while smaller barrels (e.g., 3” x 5”, 4” x 6”, 6” x 12”) are used for more precision parts, such electronic component plating. Technic also provides specialized alternatives (listed below) in addition to conventional barrel technology with some significant advantages.


Typically used for plating precision parts such as connectors, interconnect pin sockets, active and passive electronic devices. Vibratory systems provide a gentle processing of delicate parts that may bend or disfigure during the tumbling of barrel. Vibratory units may be used in manual processing as well as manual and automatic hoist systems.Learn more


An ideal for small components .005”-.5”, such as electronic connectors, medical devices, discs, pins, socket and passive electronic devices, including those with blind holes. The SBE chamber will accommodate loads ranging from 50-500 ML. SBE technology lends itself to manual as well as automatic hoist systems.Learn more


The Tumbleplater offers a unique patented automated process/plating system that is designed to replace the conventional plating barrel, using unique rinsing to reduce drag-out by 75% or more. Learn more