The Tumbleplater is a patented process for batch processing parts that are normally barrel plated. Technic's Tumbleplater creates deposits of greater uniformity with faster plating times than conventional barrel plating lines of equal capacity, while providing a 75%+ reduction in dragout.

This fully automated line can load, process, rinse, dry, transport and unload utilizing less floor space with optimum efficiency and superior results.

Virtually all of the applications that are now being performed by barrel plating can be Tumbleplated. With a gentler tumbling action than in a barrel, some parts that cannot be barrel plated can be succesfully Tumbleplated, with the consequent advantage of bulk loading and unloading of those parts, significantly reducing material handling.

Gold Nickel Cleaning
Silver Tin Lubricants
Copper Zinc Electro-Polishing
Cadmium Chromating  


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Faster Speeds and greater deposit uniformity

The Tumbleplater creates faster more uniform deposits when compared to conventional batch processing. The ability to maintain critical plating thickness and provide superior uniformity makes the Tumbleplater the most advanced plating technology available in today's market.

Reduced dragout and chemical usage

Because the Tumbleplater transports only the parts from station to station, dragout is reduced at least 75% by volume when compared to conventional barrel plating. Significant reductions in metal consumption provides savings in both chemical usage and waste treatment. Optional in-station spray nozzles during the drip cycle can further reduce chemical dragout.

Fully automated

The Tumbleplater's design provides complete automation from beginning to end. The Tumbleplater is the only plating system that can plate, rinse and dry in-line. Manual loading and unloading of plating barrels is eliminated, reducing labor costs. The Tumbleplater's tote-to-tote automatic processing including in-line drying also eliminates a separate manual drying process with further labor savings and the benefit of reduced part damage and risk of part loss.

Space saving design and multiprocessing options

Tumbleplater lines fit a wide variety of floor plans. Multi-station options with in-line shuttles allow for different process configurations and multiprocessing within the same line.


The Tumbleplater's unique rotating belt and basket design allows for a transfer of parts only (no barrel) from station to station. Tumbleplater compartments remain directly over their own tank effectively eliminating the majority of dragout associated with barrel plating.


Parts enter the Tumbleplater basket which is in an elevated "load" position above the tank's solution.


Parts are lowered and the solution level rises due to displacement. Belt rotation begins and the parts begin the plating cycle.


After plating, the parts are raised out of the solution and allowed to drain removing most of the solution prior to transfer.


The basket tilts over and the belt rotates transferring only the parts to next station. Any solution clinging to the basket never leaves the area directly above the tank.


Enclosed tote to tote 4 station unit with dryer and cool conveyor.

The Tumbleplater's open top design provides some significant advantages and offers a variety of features for expanding its production capabilities.

Standard Features

  • Fully Automated
  • Open Access to parts during processing
  • Direct anode exposure
  • In-line drying
  • Solution agitation
  • Flow plugs
  • Easy access to all utilities
  • Reduced water consumption
  • User friendly software
  • Acuator cover panels
  • Quality engineering
  • Modular construction

Optional Features

  • Fume control
  • In-line shuttles
  • Custom Software
  • Cool down conveyor
  • Tote-to-tote capabilities
  • Loading scale
  • Ultrasonic cleaning



Tumbleplaters are typically built in two-station modules, plating and dragout/rinse. A series of Tumbleplater modules are combined to create an entire Tumbleplater production line.

Because the Tumbleplater rates of deposition may more than double those of conventional barrel lines, and fewer rinse stations are required, the overall size of a Tumbleplater line can be noticeably smaller than that of a conventional barrel line with the same capacity.

Tumbleplater model TTP5-70 TTP10-100
Load Capacity

0.5 cu. ft.
60 lbs.

1.0 cu. ft.
100 lbs.

Equivilent Barrel Size

10" x 18"

14" x 30"

Tank Size: width, dot

41.5" x 29.5"

53.5" x 29.5"

Approximate Tank capacity

100 gallons

125 gallons

Belt speed range 5-30 fpm 5-30 fpm

Equivalent barrel rpm

2 - 12 rpm

2 - 8 rpm

Plating area*

215 sq. in
(1.5 sq. ft.)

340 sq. in.
(2.4 sq. ft.)

* Multiply by 1.1 to 1.5 for flat parts to round parts (Note: volume and weight capacity may vary depending on part configuration)

Example lines

TTP10-100 - alkaline zinc with chromate

Featuring multi-station zinc tank, shuttles, short process exit for baking, inline chromating and drying. Parts deposited into totes or boxes ready for shipping.

Production capability: 700 lbs. an hour with 24-minute zinc plating time. (Approximately 30% faster than conventional barrel zinc processing.)

TTP5-70 - cetyl lubrication line

Four-station cetyl lubrication line featuring skip choice of lubrication tank, in-line dryer and cool down conveyor. Included station enclosures and custom covers.

Photo shows line installed and running production.

TTP5-70 - proprietary chemical process

Straight line process with cool down conveyor exiting to one side. Included in-line drying after process. Optional station enclosures and custom covers.

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