Technic / SFT Plating and wet process equipment for electroplating, electropolishing, anodizing, cleaning, phosphating, chromating

Technic Equipment for Electroplating, Electropolishing, Anodizing and other wet processes

Technic equipment ranges from fully automated systems for new facilities to replacement parts and upgrades to improve operational efficiency. Custom wet processing equipment may be highly engineered for special applications or laid out for maximum versatility and simplicity as needed in today’s job shops.


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Hoist Systems

Manual and fully automatic Sidearm, Overhead and Rim Runner hoist systems.

Batch Processing Equipment

Batch processing systems including Vibratory, and proprietary technologies such as the SBE™ for connectors, pins and discrete components and the Tumbleplater™, our highly efficient barrel alternative.

Continuous Systems

Reel to Reel and Roll to Roll processing.

Single Piece Flow

Technic’s specialized continuous processing technology for Loose parts, Connectors, Semiconductors, Cut Strip, Circuit Boards

Manual Equipment

Tank Lines, Mixers, Dryers, Ovens and Manually operated systems

Laboratory Equipment

Tabletop and customized laboratory units for small scale production or prototyping

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