Solar Cell Chemistry, Powders & Flake, Controls and Equipment

Advanced Solar Cell Technology

Technic is a leader in photovoltaic metallization technology for;

  • Increasing cell efficiency, current capacity and process compatibility with electrode position
  • Delivering the latest in advanced LIP processing equipment
  • Providing the highest quality engineered powders and flakes for solar applications

Choose from standard product offerings or work with Technic to create custom applications that meet the most precise specifications.

Technic’s proprietary process solutions are offered under the trade name TechniSol™, and include applications in silver, nickel, copper and tin metallization. Technic also offers a full range of front-end silicon substrate processing chemistry including acids, oxidizers, bases, solvents and dopants.


Proprietary TechniSol™ chemistry specifically formulated to meet the challenges of today’s PV industry. Learn more.


Solar cell processing equipment that provides the most advanced technology for metallization production available. Learn More.

Powder and Flake

Technic is a recognized industry leader in high quality precious metal powder and flake specially engineered for applications in photovoltaic manufacturing. Learn more.


Technic offers accurate and trouble-free analytical controls for solar applications through the use of our patented Electroplating Bath Analyzer (EBA). Learn more.

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