Medical Device Processing Equipment

Meeting the Challenges of Today's Medical Device Manufacturing

Higher efficiency, improved quality and lower cost through innovation and design.

Providing advanced solutions to medical device manufacturing:

  • Sharpening
  • Aqueous Cleaning
  • Electropolishing
  • Etching
  • Electroplating
  • Passivation
  • Electrochemical Deburring
  • Color and Type II Titanium Anodizing
  • Process Controls

Electrochemical fabrication is an essential part in today's medical device manufacturing. Chemically changing surface properties with the objective of creating a more amicable biomaterial-host or structurally enhancing the finishing on essential tooling is widely used through the medical device manufacturing industry. Technic offers both the process expertise and advance equipment choices to obtain optimum results in this highly specialized market. Our application specialists work with each customer in customizing their specific equipment needs, from simple manual operations to fully automatic systems with advanced operator controls and process monitoring.


Technic offers an advanced line of chemical processes developed to meet the high standards and critical performance requirements of today’s medical device finishing. For more information on Technic’s full line of finishing products, please contact us.


Technic offers a complete range of custom built equipment from manual laboratory modules, to fully automated, robust industrial systems.

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Designed for Cleaning, Passivation and Electropolishing, the MP500 provides high volume output in a small footprint that is easily maintained and positioned anywhere in the production area. The unit offers complete process automation with outstanding part-to-part uniformity. The MP500 system can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of parts in various sizes.

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Exclusive SBE Technology

Technic’s Spouted Bed Electrode (SBE) offers a unique approach to small parts finishing. Designed to provide a rapid circulation of the parts over the cathode current feeder without the use of any mechanical movement, this specially designed chamber and tank system is ideal for small components .005”-.5” and accommodates loads ranging from 50-500ML. The SBE may be used for a variety of applications such as plating, electropolishing and anodizing. Learn more

Hoist Systems

Offering a wide range of applications common to the medical tool fabrication industry, Technic’s hoist systems provides highly reliable automation and precise processing with easy to maintain access to all major functions and clear monitoring controls. Our hoist systems are custom designed to meet the exact degree of sophistication required for each application and offer a clean, safe processing environment. Learn more

Continuous Processing Systems

For large-scale production of continuous material, Technic supplies automatic reel to reel and roll to roll processing systems. Each system is custom designed and supplied with the tools and accessories specific to your production needs. Regardless of the sophistication of the application, Technic can design and develop the right tool for the precision and accuracy required. Learn more

Manual Equipment

For smaller scale production or prototyping in laboratory environments, manual systems offer an economical way to get superior results in a simpler setup. Designed for countertop operation with optional hood ventilation, these reliable and affordable systems provide flexibility and direct access controls, chemistry, heaters, filters and pumps. Learn more