Elevate Ni 5950-lp

New Nickel Eliminates Boric Acid Toxicity Concerns in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Elevate Ni 5950 – A Boric Acid-Free Alternative

Technic’s Elevate Ni 5950 is capable of running at a wide current density range of 1–10 ASD. Deposit properties such as stress, ductility, tensile strength, elongation, grain structure and corrosion resistance are all very similar to a standard nickel solution.

Elevate Ni 5950 can be easily installed on existing nickel plating tools without any modifications to the plating cell. The process is currently being beta site tested and is available for demos in our Applications Laboratory or beta site testing at the manufacturer’s facility.

    • Operates as a wide current density range
    • Structure is characteristically similar to standard nickel solutions
    • Easily installs into current nickel plating tools
    • Available for demos and beta site testing

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