Elevate Cu 2000 LP

Technic Releases Elevate® Cu 2000

High-Speed Acid Copper for Today’s Macropillar Plating Demands

Technic announces the introduction of Elevate® Cu 2000, an innovative, high-speed acid copper plating system specifically formulated for Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging applications.

With the accelerated growth of FOWLP, new demands for packaging materials are being placed on suppliers. The need for copper plated 200-micron macropillars is increasing and the standard acid copper plating baths currently available are unable to provide the speed and performance required.

Technic’s Elevate® Cu 2000 was designed specifically to address these challenging requirements. Elevate® Cu 2000 chemistry can easily plate 4–5 microns/minute while maintaining a very flat pillar and good coplanarity across the wafer. Results show good performance on both horizontal and vertical production plating tools.

    “With a fast and changing advanced packaging industry, often materials that were developed as long as 10 years ago are unable meet the current challenges, and new products have to be introduced. At Technic we try to develop products that will make our customers transition to advanced technology easier. Elevate® Cu 2000 was formulated to allow our customers to plate these macropillars without concerns over slow plating speeds, excessive current density steps and irregular pillar profiles prevalent with older acid copper processes.”

      - Anthony Gallegos, Global Product Manager, Semiconductor Technology

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